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Compiled by Liza Tonakanyan
Wednesday, June 8
Littering can lead you to the police station

The authorities are preparing new penalty charges. Financial sanctions, which come into force in the Code of Administrative Offence, stipulate a whole number of new rules. According to the changes, for littering in the capital a person, whose identity can not be established, might be taken to the police station, newspaper Qronika informs.

In the code there will be a new article for breaking the rules of city cleaning. The amount of the penalty will stay the same – 50 lari, as it was determined by the law passed some time ago. However, this time only the conditions of the penalty for breaking the regulations will be different.

Littering in the capital by pedestrian, or the owner of a car, or the house-builders leaving debris in the streets will give the police the right to take the guilty party to the police station if he doesn’t have his identity card, or if there is no witness nearby who could identify the person. The investigation will start only after the identification of the person.

Identity Card to be taken from age of 14

It will be obligatory to have an identity card from the age of 14. Such a change will be made to the law of Issuing the Identity Card (Residence Permit) and the Passport for Citizens of Georgian and Foreign Citizens Living in Georgia, newspaper Qronika writes.

According to the current regulations, citizens of Georgia and foreign citizens living in the country up to the age of 14 years can take the ID paper (Residence Permit) if they so desire, and it is not obligatory. The amendments foresee the provision of ID card and Residence Permit, and citizens of Georgia from age of 14 are required to take an ID card.

This requirement is formulated in the law in the following way: “Citizens of Georgia are obliged to have an ID card within the period of 6 months after reaching 14 years. In accordance to the wish (of the citizens) it is possible to hand out the ID card to citizens below 14”.

Burjanadze’s arrest for the authorities is a disadvantageous step

For the political authority, Nino Burjanadze’s arrest and imprisonment would be a losing step. This can negatively influence the democracy in Georgia and it is noteworthy that so far only Badri Bitsadze, the husband of Burjanadze, has been the subject of legal action. Maybe this is also a political decision, political analyst Gia Nodia suggested in an interview to newspaper Mteli Kvira.

Gia Nodia: “I think it is correct that there was a huge police force mobilised on May 26, during the demonstrations, as the rally was not peaceful in its manner. That is why everything should be done to avoid the complication of the situation. It is a positive fact that there is no confirmed victim from the side of police. According to my information, the violence occurred from the side of the organisers, and because of them one person was killed. Burjanadze’s goal was to use violence. And this is a bigger offence than a mere mistake. The authorities didn’t make a strategic mistake."

He continued: "The main strategy of the authority was to disperse the rally. I think the demonstration should have been broken up. However, the ways of the dispersal must be investigated. Burjanadze didn’t leave any other choice for the authorities but to use force."

I believe Burjanadze was cooperating with Russia. This is obvious, even from the point of view of her meeting with Putin. Analysts also see it; otherwise it is unclear, what she was doing and what she wanted to achieve. She didn’t have an evident support, such as is required for a rally of this type. Burjanadze was doing lots of things according to her own will, without cooperating with the Georgian Party. I have no information about her plan and what she wanted to accomplish. But it is a fact, she was supported by Russia. Politically Burjanadze’s arrest and imprisonment is disadvantageous."