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[Directed at schoolchildren)

Do you have information on the Georgian election code and if yes, what would you change in it?

Wednesday, June 8
“I possess the information which is released by the international and local NGOs. Usually they report about the negative sides of the election code. I guess it needs to be changed but I do not know exactly what should be amended. Generally I think we need to have a fair and competitive electoral environment in order to succeed as a democratic state.”
Teona, PR manager, 26

“I would definitely like to get more information because I don’t really know much about the electoral code. I admit that it is partly my fault too, because I am not really paying attention to such issues, it is not only the electoral administration or the media who are to blame for this.”
Inga, accountant, 53

“I would like to see changes in the administration resources part of the legislation. It is absolutely unfair in this respect. The opposition needs to be very strict and consistent about the election code amendments. Hopefully they will not retreat as usual.”
Gia, businessman, 45

“Well, everyone talks on this election reform, from the ruling party to opposition representatives, however, a lot of our citizens, including me, do not have information on what is written in our election code, what system functions in other states and so on. It will be better from the beginning to inform Georgian society on the issue and then launch the process of change.”
Gela, Engineer, 31

“Yes, in general I have some information on the election system and on the process and code in general, however it would be nice if I had more. There are some issues I would change, like the majority list, sharing of lists and so on. One thing I know is that our election system really needs reform and this reform should be carried out through a consensus between different political forces.”
Davit, PR manager, 29

“I have said several times that Georgia needs election reform, however I have just realized that I have no information on our election system. I really need information, I can find such information on the internet, however there are a lot of Georgian citizens who do not have such an opportunity, thus our authorities and not only the authorities should take care to raise people’s awareness towards elections and then get suggestions from them.”
Nutsa, Student, 21

“Well I don’t have the detailed information about the current election code in Georgia but I have heard about the controversies around it. I am an absolutely impartial citizen of my country and the only thing I want is to live in peace. I wish the Government and opposition would find the common sense in all these processes and we would then have fair and transparent elections.”
Goga, painter, 27

“I have been observing the local self-government elections in Georgia in 2010 and I must say that everything had been smooth in the election code. I just wonder what the opposition mean by “improvements”; they don’t do anything at all to deserve our trust and support and that’s why the Governmental candidates always succeed in elections.”
Mzia, Teacher, 45