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Friday, June 10
EU slams Russia for its policy towards Georgia

A day before the EU-Russia Summit, the European Parliament is sharply criticizing the Russian Federation, for its `unacceptable` policy towards Georgia in particular.

The European parliamentarians call upon the EU leadership to raise the issue of fulfilling obligations made in international agreements with regards to Georgia and withdraw its armed forces from Georgia`s occupied regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

At the debate held in the European Parliament a day before the EU-Russia summit, European MPs said the EU could not discuss visa free relations with Russia while the country continues to issue Russian passports to people on Georgia`s occupied territories.

Yesterday, the European Parliamentarians were voting on a resolution, which officially states the position of the MPs regarding Russian policy. (Rustavi 2)

Bacho Akhalaia Met with General Petraeus

The Minister of Defence of Georgia Bacho Akhalaia held a meeting with the Commander of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) David Petraeus. David Petraeus once again thanked the Georgian Defence Minister for the successful participation of the Georgian military contingent in the NATO-led ISAF operation.

At the meeting the sides discussed the decision to send additional Georgian battalion to Afghanistan. General Petraeus welcomed this decision and declared that besides the fact that the Georgian military will make a considerable contribution to world security, they will also get a unique experience. The second additional battalion will be sent to Afghanistan next year.

Bacho Akhalaia and David Petraeus discussed the idea of the establishment of a NATO standard regional training center. General Petraeus welcomed the initiative to set up the center that will provide pre-deployment trainings for international operations. Georgia enjoys the full support of NATO in the implementation of this initiative. According to General Petraeus, he will discuss how to make his own contribution to establishment and the successful functioning of the center with the American military officials. (Interpressnews)

Georgia Supports Christine Lagarde’s Candidacy as Head of IMF

Georgia supports the candidacy of France’s Finance Minister Christine Lagarde as head of IMF, President of Georgian National Bank Giorgi Kadagidze has confirmed.

The procedure of electing a new manager of the IMF must be concluded by June 30.

The other candidate for IMF head is former Finance Minister of Turkey Jemal Dervis who has many years of experience of working with the World Bank. The candidate from CIS countries is President of Kazakhstan’s National Bank Grigory Marchenko.

Former Managing Director of IMF, Strauss-Kahn was arrested in New York City and charged with the sexual assault of a housekeeper who entered his Sofitel hotel suite. Strauss-Kahn has entered a plea of not guilty, and has denied all charges. A judge later approved his release on US$1 million bail and US$5 million insurance bond. (Interpressnews)

Tax Audit to be Launched in MediaPalitra Companies Presumably in 10 Days

According to recent information, Revenue Service finished stock-taking in 3 departments of MediaPalitra.

Stock-taking is carried out now only in “Palitra L”, that is scheduled to be finished very shortly.

The Revenue Service launched stock-taking process in 6 entities of MediaPalitra on 7 June and claimed to have left a notice about the planned tax audit on June 7 in various companies of MediaPalitra.

According to the notice, the tax audit of 6 companies of MediaPalitra will start in about 10 days. (Interpressnews)

CDM leader's visit to UK

The leader of the Christian Democratic Movement, MP Giorgi Targamadze has ended his three-day visit to the United Kingdom. The leader of the parliamentary minority was invited to the UK by the Conservative Party.

Targamadze held meetings with the British Foreign Ministry directorship for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Giorgi Targamadze spoke about the current political situation in Georgia.

Targamadze also held meetings in the British Parliament and London University. (Rustavi 2)

New highway to connect two districts of Tbilisi

A new highway is being constructed in Tbilisi. The highway will reportedly connect Vake and Saburtalo districts of Georgia`s capital with each other. Construction of a tunnel, which is part of the planned development, is already underway in the city.

The length of the tunnel will be 204 meters and its construction is expected to finish by the end of 2011. (Rustavi 2)

More visitors arrive in Georgia

The number of tourists, who arrived in Georgia during the past five months, have significantly increased. According to the National Tourism Agency of Georgia, about 900,000 visitors have been officially registered during the past five months, which is 44% more in comparison with the same period in 2010.

Turkish visitors lead the list of the tourists registered in the data base of the Tourism agency; Azeri, Armenian, Russian and Ukrainian visitors follow them. (Rustavi 2)