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Who can investigate May 26 events objectively?

Friday, June 10
“I really think that only God can judge it!”
Nodar, Financial analyst, 28

“I trust media outlets more than any other institution. I don’t think that the commissions created in the parliament or in a ministry will be as impartial as investigative journalists. We have journalists with a very good investigative reporting background, we should appreciate them more.”
Zura, sociologist, 35

“It is up to the authorities to investigate it. Impartial or not, this is their duty, so let’s wait and see. I think we should not make conclusions in advance. It would be a mistake doing so.”
Tengo, driver, 46

“NGOs should set up a commission and investigate May 26 events independently. I don’t think that their investigation results would be considered as a ground for punishing somebody, because our government usually ignores the results of such investigations, but at least the people would know the truth.”
Elene, nurse, 29

“It should only be discussed by the International Court of Justice which is the primary judicial organ of the United Nations and also the European Court of Human Rights.”
Nino, Lawyer, 26

“I don’t think that somebody will carry out an objective investigation on the issue. May 26 events were really horrible and I hope that the authorities will have to answer for it in the future, however currently, all levers are in the authority’s hands and they would not carry out such an investigation, which might harm their interests.”
Giorgi, Manager, 28

“I think that such an investigation must be carried out by the international organizations, or with active involvement of international organizations’ representatives, as most Georgians, including me will not trust the investigation carried out by the inner structures of the country.”
Laura, Professor, 56

“As far as I know, in general Interior Ministry undertakes such investigations, however in case if the Ministry would carry out such investigation, it would be funny, as they also violated law during the rallies. I think that some group or committee might be created where the Government and opposition representatives, analysts and some members of foreign international organizations would be united.
Lana, Journalist, 32