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What is the most pressing problem in Tbilisi?

Monday, June 13
"The biggest problem is public transport. Buses are so overcrowded usually that it is impossible to get on. They should add some buses definitely."
Maiko, student, 20

"The most acute problem in my opinion is unfinished and frozen construction. It is first of all ugly and makes the adjacent territories dusty."
Dali, housewife, 50

"As in the rest of Georgia, unemployment is the main problem in the capital. It has been a problem for years and there is no solution so far. It's very frustrating."
Neli, unemployed, 49

“I think the greatest problem in Tbilisi and in the whole Georgia is that our numbers are catastrophically decreasing – I mean young people are seeking fortune abroad due to financial drawbacks, others die in international missions, etc… There are lots of reasons in reference to my answer but what I’m afraid most of all is that we, Georgians, are losing our national values and we are becoming part of other civilizations which are so different from our national values!”
Tornike, Economist, 23

“Oh I hate overcrowded buses! Being a student is really so hard in Tbilisi due to this awful transport that I can hardly use them anymore! I think something should be done in order to improve the situation in Tbilisi either by increasing the number of buses or adding new numbers.”
Nino, MA Student, 22

“The nonexistence of civil society is a very burning problem not only in Tbilisi but the whole country. Not only the Governmental or oppositional sides should be engaged with decision-making but it’s up to us – the ordinary people to protect our rights from the ugly political games.”
Sandro, Sociologist, 35

The most acute problem in Tbilisi, as in all parts of the country is unemployment. This problem is more serious in towns, as we have to buy everything, from every day products and food to more serious things. If you don’t have enough income in Tbilisi, you will die of hunger, while in the regions people do not spent much on food.
Giorgi, Historian, 43

“There are still a lot of problems in Tbilisi, which makes it dissimilar to other European cities. Tbilisi's infrastructure and roads are still far from European standards, if a foreigner travels on our buses or mini buses, he will have a bad impression of Georgia, to my mind. The transport system is really horrible in Tbilisi.”
Nino, Manager, 29

“First of all say, that a lot of positive things have been carried out in Tbilisi lately/ the greatest problem is lack of working places , law salaries and too much demand on English language and computer. I am a teacher of Georgian language and literature and I am 52 years already and there is a demand of English language and computer. I have a lot of certificates that I am a high level specialist of my profession, I can’t see the necessity of English language on one hand and on the other hand everything has its age.”
Nana, Teacher, 52