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Compiled by Lisa Tonakanyan
Tuesday, June 14
Gachechiladze should not speak about the unification of the opposition

One of the leaders of Republican Party David Berdzenishvili has expressed concern about unification of the opposition in an interview with the newspaper Akhali Taoba. “The Georgian Party has held the world record from the moment of its creation to its practical disappearance. I appeal to Levan Gachcechiladze to be reasonable and to have a little rest. They couldn’t get on with each other for a few months, and it is strange that people who change from one party to another are appealing to us to unify”,

He continued “We plan to include the society, the people directly to the process. This implies support of the eminent representatives of the society towards election process. There are no other political processes in Georgia and there was no such in the past. It’s over. It is absolutely obvious that today any talks about any other processes are irresponsible and non-qualified. There is only one political process – complicated and hard. We plan to make the most respected and qualified representatives of the society the part of the election process. We are also going to meet the population of the whole country. This is the signed demand of hundreds and thousands of supporters; as long as authorities do not wish to talk to the leading political unit, they will have to deal with people and the West as well”, Berdzenishvili emphasizes.

“The demonstration is not the end in itself but it will be a component part of our political process for getting a better electoral environment. Rallies will vary in style. But rallies are just an instrument and not the only way to solve problems. Our main aim will be the creation of the law as well as the signature-witnessed participation of hundreds and thousands of our citizens in struggle for fair elections. We must gain the victory over the authorities by elections or on the elections background. In the first place we must win the elections”, one of the leaders of Republican Party explains.

“Impartial media is a big problem for the authorities”

Leader of the parliamentary minority, Christian-Democrat Giorgi Targamadze has said in an interview with the newspaper Kviris Palitra. “I am convinced there are some people in the power who think that objective media impedes in moulding of a personality, of a new Georgian. From this point of view the holding company of Media Palitra is a problem for the authorities”,

“I heard about the events around Media Palitra while being in trip abroad. Those indifferent faces and comments made on the simultaneous entrance of tax authorities to six organizations of Media Palitra surprised me. It seemed as nothing special was in this. But we should not exaggerate or politicize this fact."

Targamadze pointed out: "Media Palitra is not a regular business organization; it is a media party, which is the main guarantor for supplying the society with impartial opinion, and it has not only newspaper but Internet sources of information as well. We must be indifferent and silly people to lose our memory of what was happening in Georgian media after the “rose revolution”. I would describe some of the things happening in the Georgian media in recent years as deplorable”