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Do you think traveling to Russia might endanger your life?

Tuesday, June 14
“To be honest, I have to travel there quite often as my very close relatives live there and fortunately I am still alive. I have heard the Foreign Ministry’s statement regarding the issue and I think that their position is a bit exaggerated.”
Ioseb, Economist, 45

“Well, I think that traveling to Russia is really dangerous especially if someone has a Caucasian appearance. I have never been to Russia and I have no desire to go there, especially when Russian authorities are trying to stir up hostile attitudes between Russian and Caucasian nations.”
Natia, Manager, 26

“Maybe there are some threats, however I think that that period has already passed when there was very open aggression against Georgians. If we tell our people that going to Russia is dangerous and if Russian ruling forces make their people believe that Georgian and Caucasians in general, are terrorists, our relations will never improve.”
Salome, Teacher, 34

“Yes I think Russia has become our clear enemy and the political confrontations between the two Governments are being pressed on the peaceful citizens more frequently. I mean there have been cases of murders in the Russian Federation – I just worry of the lives of the youth who have left for Russia but can never return to their homes.”
Teona, Musician, 29

“Yes unfortunately the confrontation between the two nations has reached its peak – I mean love and respect has almost disappeared between us and we have become the victims of the current political game between the Governments.”
Nodar, Economist, 42

“Maybe there is a difficult situation and relations are strained but I doubt there is any threat to life. I don’t exactly know what's happening in Russia but hope no ordinary people can face any danger from Russians.”
Lile, Journalist, 22

“Well I wouldn’t call it “a threat” because the mentality of evil criminals (both Georgians and Russians) can’t reflect on peaceful civilians. If I want to travel around the Russian Federation, for example for cultural reasons, why should I be killed without a reason I just wonder. That’s why I think it’s only the part of imagination of our Government which is always trying to make an elephant from a fly.”
Elene, Doctor, 52