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Wednesday, June 15
Bakradze held speech at Chatham House

The Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia participated in the round table discussion, organized by political scientists and experts in Great Britain, Akhali Taoba reports.

The topic of the discussion was focused on the issues of domestic and external policy of Georgia.

David Bakradze made a broad overview of the current economic and political reforms in Georgia. He spoke about the security issues and the existing reality in the occupied territories at present. The Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia talked before the experts about the state policy towards the occupied regions. At the meeting it was mentioned that non-recognition of the territories, controlled by Russia, is essential.

“Chatham House’ and political scientist James Nix will publish the newsletter on Russian-Georgian relations in the near future. The Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia noted that in Great Britain in political circles, as well as in the civil society and journalists, there is a great interest towards the problems of Georgia. "Great Britain definitely supports the territorial integrity of Georgia, the reforms, ongoing in Georgia and fully understands the problem of the occupied territories,” Bakradze said.

Villages flooded after heavy rain

A few villages have been flooded after persistent rain in the Kakheti region of Georgia.

More than 40 houses were flooded, livestock were killed and roads were damaged in the region, 24 Hours reports.

Reconstructing efforts were being made in the villages. A special commission will calculate the cost of the damage.

Heavy rain also caused serious problems in the Tetritskaro district. Three villages - Mtsevani, Goteti and Adisubani have been particularly damaged by the disaster, which damaged roads, swept away a bridge and isolated 45 houses from the rest of the region.

The rain has also damaged agricultural lands, flooded houses, where the emergency brigades worked the whole night to pump the water from basements and ground floors.

The District Governor was observing the rescue works. He met with locals and promised to assist them in the recovery. The local administration is counting the cost of the damage to determine the best method of assistance to be given to locals.