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How often do you buy meat? Did you feel meat crisis on Tbilisi’s markets?

Wednesday, June 15
“I don’t eat meat that often, once a month or so. I have heard that the price on a kilo of meat has gone up to 20 lari, from 11. This is a disaster. A lot of families will simply not be able to buy meat until the crisis is over.”
Maka, accountant, 24

“My family members like meat dishes but lately I have not been able to buy meat as often as I used to. It is too expensive. However the prices are high on other products as well. Bread prices have gone up and fruit is simply impossible to buy for an average customer.”
Khatuna, cashier, 45

“I buy meat at least once a week. It has become too expensive, but I have small children and it is necessary for them at this point.”
Natia, bank employee, 29

“I don’t usually buy meat myself thus I couldn’t follow the ongoing events or feel the deficit. My mother makes a meat dish twice a week and the tradition is still ongoing. My family didn’t face any changes so far.”
Nodar, Musician, 25

“Well I have stopped buying meat because of its high price but at the same time I don't trust its quality.”
Teona, Teacher, 31

“Prices are constantly increasing on markets all around the country not only in the capital that’s why I only buy meat about twice a month.”
Nino, IR Specialist, 28

“In summer I rarely buy meat because of the heat. I have found a very comfortable market just near my apartment with quite acceptable prices but still I prefer eating vegetables and fruits more often this season than meat products.”
Nino, Manager, 36

"To be honest I did not buy it very often as meat was expensive, however now, i do not buy it at all, as its price has doubled. There really is a horrible situation, low salaries and catastrophically high prices on products."
Nona, Housewife, 35

"In general, I buy it two times a week, if there is no fast period. Everyone feels the fresh meat crisis in Tbilisi currently, to my mind, as there is a deficit."
Laura, Music Teacher, 29

"I do not feel it, as I don't eat meat at all. However I can hear a lot of complaints regarding the issue lately from my relatives."
Nutsa, Student, 21