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Thursday, June 16
Finance and Economy Ministers meet businessmen

High profile Ministers Vera Kobalia and Kakha Baindurashvili have met with representatives of the hotel business sector, discussing the services, which the hotels in Georgia can offer to the large number of tourists, which Georgia is expecting this year. Minister of Economics and Sustainable Development, Vera Kobalia says they are discussing the standards, which hotels in Georgia should meet to attract more tourists.

`In May, we had an unprecedented number of tourists in Georgia. We should be prepared for a growing number of visitors, which will arrive in the country this year; we presume it will be about three million. By 2015, we expect to have five million tourists in Georgia. Today`s meeting with the representatives of the hotel business sector serves to agree on the forms of assistance, which the government should provide to the private sector to be prepared for such a large number of visitors,` Vera Kobalia said yesterday. (Rustavi 2)

Opposition Eight leaders have disagreement

The leaders of the Opposition Eight - the union of eight opposition parties, who are working on the improvement of the electoral code of Georgia, have had a disagreement. Some of them are in favour of accepting the political parties involved in the street protests in the union, but the Christian Democrats have expressed their discontent towards the plan.

Levan Vepkhvadze of the CDM voiced his position at the ITV press club yesterday to reply to the interview by Aleksandre Shalamberidze published in one of the newspapers, where the idea of accepting more parties in the union was mentioned. Vepkhvadze said if similar statements were made by the members of the Opposition Eight, the CDM would revise their participation in the union. (Rustavi 2)

Education Ministry awards Best Educational performers of 2011

The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia identified the best schoolchildren, teachers, school principal, resource officers, private and public schools as well as the head of the resource center of 2011.

Minister of Education and Science of Georgia, Dimitri Shashkini awarded the nominees with special awards and noted that MES will always encourage the successful schoolchildren, teachers, principals, as well as private and public schools as they are focused on achieving success.

The best schoolchild, teachers, school principal, resource officers, private and public schools as well as the head of the education resource-center will be announced on an annual basis. (Rustavi 2)

Heavy rain inflicts serious damage on Regions

Heavy rain has inflicted serious damage to several regions of Georgia. After Kakheti, where the rain has completely destroyed agricultural lands and flooded many districts, last night rain fell hard on the residents of the Terjola Region, Western Georgia. The flood has killed cattle and poultry and flooded basements and ground floors of houses, especially in the village of Nakhshirghele.

Rescuers worked in the village for the whole night trying to pump the water from the houses. Regional authorities were also observing the rescue works.

Chkhorotsku settlement has been damaged too and the situation there is equally perilous. The swollen river Ochkhumi damaged roads isolating several villages from the rest of the region. Locals say the river swelled all of a sudden, and they had no time to save the cattle from the fields. (Rustavi 2)

Cathalicos of All Armenia to visit Ninotsminda

On June 15 Garegin II Cathalicos of All Armenia visited Ninotsminda.

The news agency GHN was informed by the Georgian Patriarchy, that the Cathalicos of All Armenia would meet with local population in the center of the town in Ninotsminda. He attended service in the Armenian Church - Khojabeg Surb Sargis . Then he visited the orphanage in Ninotsminda.

Today he will meet with the local Armenian origin population in Tsalka region in the village Aiazma. The official visit of the Armenian Church delegation concluded last night.

Garegin II, Patriarch of Armenian Church had been paying an official visit to Tbilisi. He travelled to Akhaltsikhe and the delegation visited the Armenian Church in Akhaltsikhe named after Surb Grigor Lusavrich. They also visited the Armenian Secondary Scholl named after Hovanes Tumanian.

On June 14 the delegation from Armenia visited the residence of Tao-Clarjeti Eparchy. On the same day the delegation departed for Aspindza to meet with the local Armenian origin population and the Damali Armenian Diaspora.

The guests visited the St. Michael Church in Akhalkalaki and attended Armenian Schools named after Demirchian. (GHN)