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Do you think the Geneva talks should continue? Why?

Thursday, June 16
“In my opinion the talks should continue because it is the only place where some kind of dialogue is taking place between the sides. If it is abolished there will be a real vacuum in the relations between Georgia, its breakaway regions and Russia. This could bring disastrous results, as no dialogue is very bad for conflicts.”
Zura, electrics shop consultant, 29

“I think participation in Geneva talks is wasting money and time. Have we heard about any specific results achieved at those talks? No. So we should stop participation before the situation becomes ridiculous.”
Alexandre, teacher, 50

“Only the authorities can make this decision. If they think that the Geneva talks are not bringing desired results, then of course they should stop participating, however they should start seeking new ways of contact with the Russian authorities and the so called Abkhazian and South Ossetian officials. “
Megi, lawyer, 37

“I think that the Geneva talks should go on, as, even if there is no result, the Georgian-Russian issue would be the centre of attention for the world’s international community. The theme must be real and these talks are needed in this field.”
Goga, Sociologist, 32

“There have also been held several meeting without any real outcome, I consider that neither Geneva nor some other talks would reintegrate our territories if there is no will of Russia.”
Tamar, Teacher, 52

“Based on the current situation, the Geneva talks are useless as it has no outcome. However, I think that they should continue, politics is a very changeable field and one day those talks might bring real results.”
Tornike, Manager, 29

“Such talks always do something, even if they aren’t effective immediately.”
Lile, journalist, 25

“I doubt that any negotiations with Russia can ever be successful for Georgia especially if we consider how the leaders of these two countries are treating each other. Georgia would never agree with the “brilliant ideas of our neighbors.”
Keti, Lawyer, 26