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Friday, June 17
Amendments to Law on Manifestations include potential danger of violation of human rights - GYLA

The Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) says the amendments to the Law on Rallies and Manifestations are not in compliance with the decision adopted by the Constitutional Court, 24 Hours reports.

According to the Association, the amendments include potential danger of the violation of human rights.

‘First of all, it should be emphasized that the bill of amendments are in opposition to the decision, adopted by the Constitutional Court on 18 April 2011’, the statement of the organization says. ‘We call on the MPs not to ignore the decision, adopted by the Constitutional Court, during discussion of the amendments’, the statement says.

The Young Lawyers Association continues to study the bill of amendments and will prepare judicial analysis for every problematic issue of the bill.

Mothers of killed Abkhazian soldiers to visit Tbilisi

On June 18 it is planned to sanctify a church under the memory of killed Georgian and Abkhazian soldiers during the Abkhazian war, Rezonansi writes. Refugee Congress invited the guests from Abkhazia who are family members of soldiers killed in the Abkhazian war in 1992-93. The idea of constructing the church under those soldiers name was dreamt up by the Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II and Refugee Congress. Overall, about 4200 Georgians and 3500 Abkhazians died in the war.

“Despite the facts that in this war Georgians and Abkhazians were fighting each other, we came to one idea to construct a church under those soldiers names, and this will be the first step towards reconciliation. We are expecting 20 guests from Abkhazia, however I cannot name them for safety reasons. Not many people but some Abkhazians think that it is time for reconciliation and they voice this issue openly. A joint church is being built for our reconciliation,” Zurab Shamugia, representative of Refugee Council, stated.