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Why the authorities severed the law on assembly and manifestations?

Friday, June 17
“Well the answer to this question is very simple – the Government has seen how dangerous people can be when they are angry to officials.”
Marina, Housewife, 29

“The Georgian Government always tries to remake regulations themselves. It is silly to prove we have democracy in Georgia after such vague steps but nothing can be done with our officials as they would still act as they wish.”
Toma, Pensioner, 65

“The right to assembly and manifestation is a part of democracy throughout the world. This law emphasizes the rights of the people. ”

“It is very obvious why they are trying to make it stricter. Street rallies and demonstrations are dangerous for their methods and powers and they are trying to avoid such threats.”
Zurad, Doctor, 41

“When I heard about it, my first emotion was to laugh, as due to the changes, it would be practically impossible to protest in the country. However this issue is not really funny, as it limits my and other Georgian’s rights.”
Davit, Lawyer, 32

“There are some issues, which should be prohibited, like the use of alcohol during the rally, or damage the buildings, however, I think that this project is too severe. I think that the authorities are trying to make some regulations and make street rallies in democratic frames.”
Maka, Bank Employee, 25