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Azeri political analyst pessimistic about Russia’s future

By Messenger Staff
Monday, June 20
Azeri political analyst Vafa Guluzade thinks that Russia cannot resist the US influence around the world. He claims that Russia has lost the status of super power after the collapse of the Soviet Union and should accept this reality. The only real lever Russia has to influence world developments is its right to exercise a veto in the US Security Council. Even this power will be diminished if proposed reform is implemented in the UN. US senator John McCain has suggested abolishing the UN and creating a League of Democratic countries instead.

Guluzade thinks that Russia is doomed to further break-up into smaller parts. So far Russia has managed to sustain its existence due to its oil and gas. The analyst thinks that the country does not have a national idea and it does not develop. It cannot carry out reforms in the army or in the sphere of education or healthcare. "I do not believe Russia’s future … even its neighbors Belarus and Ukraine understand this reality and try to distance themselves from it, it will not be able to restore the Soviet Empire. It should stop worrying about Syria, Belarus and Ukraine and concentrate on its problems in order to prevent its further disintegration", said Guluzade, who was once President Hedar Aliev’s adviser in foreign affairs.