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Is Russia’s attempt to destabilize situation in Georgia motivated by jealousy?

Monday, June 20
"We first have to find out if it is really Russia which is trying to destabilize the situation in Georgia or not. What should Russia be jealous about? I don't think that Georgia is a much more developed state than Russia."
Tamazi, driver, 55

"Absolutely. We have a more democratic and a well-respected state. Georgia is welcomed by the Western leaders and this is what makes Russia jealous and angry about Georgia."
Maka, accountant, 24

"I think Russia simply wants to legalize the occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. As soon as Georgia stops claiming that those two territories belong to Georgian jurisdiction, Russia will stop trying to attempt destabilizing situation our country. This is sad to hear but this is the reality."
Tamuna, nurse, 32

“It is difficult to say whether Russia is jealous of Georgia or not. Why they first of all should be jealous of us I just wonder. Russia is the number one country with its size and people and they have everything they wish in the entire world! I think we, Georgians are always forgetting our traditions and values and try to look and act like others, while Russia’s attempts to destabilize Georgia have also been caused by our “upstart” Government.”
Manana, Painter, 44

“Russia’s attempts to destabilize Georgia have been immediately caused by Georgia’s unwise steps to unification. I mean we lived in peace somehow during Eduard Shevardnadze’s regime while Saakashvili decided to announce Russia as an enemy and teased them to attack us… What else can I say? I’m already tired with all those August-war emotions.”
Laura, Pensioner, 62

"Such kinds of statements are frequently made by our Government, that we are one of the most developed and successful countries, that we have already achieved too much and Russia can't bear that we are so developed and progressive compared to old fashioned Russians, however, I think that this is just a PR stunt of the authorities. Russia has always had very clear plans, it wants territories, as much territories as possible."
Guram, Historian, 52

"Russia really wants to destabilize the situation in Georgia and the motive of destabilization, to my mind is that to make it easier to control us and not jealousy."
Niko, Painter, 32

"It is one of the details, i think, Russia is really irritated and jealous that we survived after 2008 war and we are still developing and becoming similar to European states, when they, despite their power and means are still operating like a soviet state. "
Natia, Manager, 24