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Tuesday, June 21
Ministry of Foreign Affairs finds it hard to provide official information regarding recognition of independence of Abkhazeti by Vanuatu

Georgia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs struggled to provide any official information regarding recognition of independence of Abkhazia by Vanuatu.

‘We find it hard to provide and get any official information as we don’t have diplomatic relations with Vanuatu’, Deputy Foreign Minister Nino Kalandadze said at a regular briefing yesterday.

‘We informed the Republic of Vanuatu that if they want to establish diplomatic relations with Georgia, there is no chance if they recognize the independence of any regions of Georgia’, Kalandadze said.

She expressed hope that negotiations would yield positive results.

On Friday, Georgia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs released an official statement, which said Vanuatu had not recognized the independence of Abkhazia. In a few hours, the official website of the Vanuatu government published information, according to which the new government of Vanuatu had recognized the independence of Abkhazia.

US warship Monterey enters Batumi Port

US guided-missile cruiser USS Monterey entered Georgian waters yesterday. The warship is in Batumi port with 43 officers and 323 privates on board and will stay in Batumi for the next three days.

The Monterey crew will conduct joint exercises together with Georgia`s neighboring states. The warship conducts maneuvers in the Black Sea waters regularly and thus demonstrates the support of the US government to the Black Sea's regional security.
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Fund for Peace says Georgia is the most improved nation

The independent organization Fund for Peace has published improvement ratings, which says Georgia is the most improved nation among the 177 states in which the survey was conducted.

`Georgia is the most improved nation, reaping the benefits of new accountability and transparency measures in the security sector and a government crackdown on corruption. A reduced threat of conflict with neighboring Russia further improved scores` - says the annual report by the Fund for Peace organization.
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Cell Phone Numbering Changed in Georgia

Cell phone numbering has changed in Georgia. The National Commission of Communications informs that the first digit of a mobile phone number will be 5, instead of 8. For instance mobile phone number 877-XX-XX-XX will be 577 XX-XX-XX. To dial a mobile phone number on a local telephone, subscribers will have to dial 8-577-XX-XX-XX.