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Would you vote for Gigi Ugulava if he is nominated as a candidate in the forthcoming presidential elections?

Tuesday, June 21
"Ugulava is someone who would do nothing without consulting with Saakashvili. Voting for him means voting for Misha, so I would definitely not vote for him. We need a president with new independent ideas."
Marina, pensioner, 64

"Tbilisi has become a better and safer place to live during Ugulava's mayoral term. If he'd try to make whole Georgia as good as Tbilisi is, I would surely vote for him."
Ketino, cashier, 40

"I am not a big fan of him. He is as PR oriented as Saakashvili. I wouldn't vote for him."
Lado, unemployed, 56

"He is a good Mayor, to my mind. I think that he would be a good President, maybe better than Saakashvili is, as he is more balanced and diplomatic."
Guranda, Musician, 34

"I have not thought about it, it depends on other candidates. If there is a better candidate for me than Ugulava, I would not vote for him."
Gaga, Manager, 25

"I will not vote for him, as I can't bear the current authorities. They are unable to bring any positive change for Georgian people, they are just oriented on themselves."
Giorgi, Engineer, 54

“No, no, no! I definitely would neither vote for Ugulava nor for any other ruling United National Movement member.”
Tsotne, IT Specialist, 28

“I think Gigi Ugulava is “backing” Saakashvili that’s why I wouldn’t vote for him. I think the Georgian people have grown tired of Saakashvili's authoritarian rules of the game and it’s high time we welcomed new smart faces.”
Nino, Translator, 34