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Minister continues his visits to the Professional Colleges

Friday, June 24
Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Dimitri Shashkini has visited the college named “Professional”. The college is oriented to meet the labor market demands. With the support of the Ministry of Education and Science and the employer organizations, it continually strives to upgrade its infrastructure, improve the quality of the learning and introduces new learning methods.

The College “Professional” offers learning programs to thousands of students who can pursue 10 specialties there, among them are: craftsmanship, polygraphic printing, tapestry, laboratory assistant in chemical analysis, computer systems service and accountant.

The college actively cooperates with the potential employers of the graduates. The institution has signed a memorandum of cooperation with the employer organizations according to the professions offered at the college. Among them are the following companies: “Stamba96”, “Association of Polygraphists”, “and Cartography factory”. The college plans to further improve the employment rate in the coming years.

The following new specialties will be offered from the beginning of the new academic year: enameling, communications networks specialist, office manager, event manager and others.

From the new academic year, the college will upgrade its infrastructure; in particular, the workshops will be renovated and supplied with up-to-date material and technical equipment.

Within the scope of the newly developed concept of professional and vocational education, professional colleges; activities are aimed at solving the issues of unemployment and filling the gap of qualified personnel.

Minister Shashkini will continue to pay visits to the professional colleges and get familiar with their activities on site.