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Friday, June 24
Vice PM opens international conference in Tbilisi

Georgian Vice Prime Minister, Giorgi Baramidze opened an international conference `Cooperation for European Future` in Tbilisi yesterday. Representatives of over 100 states are attending the event dedicated to the discussion of reforms that will assist eastern European states in getting closer to the EU.

The goal of the conference is to share the experience gained in the European Integration sphere and to sum up the achievements of various states. In his speech, the Vice PM focused on the issues of Georgia`s territorial integrity and sovereignty and the significance of stability and security measures in the region.

`Georgia is one of the leaders in reforms, which will assist these states to get closer to the EU. Today, the representatives of the civil sector are discussing the activities they should follow to facilitate the process of European integration of their countries,` Baramidze said. (Rustavi 2)

Tskhinvali’s De-facto Government Responds to Erik Fournier’s Statement

Tskhinvali’s de-facto government responded to the statement made by ambassador of France Erik Fournier about the 1920s. A statement of the press office of its de-facto Ministry of Foreign Affairs was released by agency “Res”.

According to the statement, after analyzing the events of recent years, the world is hearing more about “Georgian Aggression” in the 2008 august war.

“The interview of the ambassador of France to Georgia given to the Georgian magazine “Tbiliselebi” must be underscored among the recent publications, where he said Georgia was responsible for starting the war: “You cannot make history anew and blame others”. And what is the most important is that, for the first time, the high rank European politician spoke about the genocide of Ossetian people carried out by Menshevik Georgia in the 1920s”, the statement reads.

The Tbiliselebi magazine published an interview with French Ambassador Eric Fournier, where the journalist asked the question: ‘Do you think you are responsible for the failure of granting Georgia with MAP because of the objection of France and Germany in Bucharest and, ultimately, for the August war?’ The Ambassador replied: ‘Who did launch the war? Who did shoot first in the direction of Tskhinvali? You cannot make history anew and blame others. If you go a bit further, you should request explanations not from France or any other state but from the Menshevik government, which massacred the population of Ossetia in 1921. Actually, nationalism of both sides is responsible. Nationalism has been the basis for the majority of European wars’, Fournier said. (Interpressnews)

Foreign Minister delivered speech at international conference in Guatemala

Georgian Foreign Minister Grigol Vashadze is paying an official visit to Guatemala. The Minister heads the delegation of the Georgian foreign ministry at the International Security Conference, which aims at creating a safe environment, combating organized crime and violence, and attracting appropriate funding from strategic partners. The Georgian Senior Diplomat delivered a speech on regional and global security issues and emphasized the significance of economic stability and the progress of Georgia in this sphere.

The Georgian Minister has also reported the situation in Georgia`s conflict regions occupied by the Russian Federation.

Grigol Vashadze has also discussed bilateral cooperation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala. (Rustavi 2)

Labour Party demands Saakashvili`s resignation

The Labour Party remains firm on its position demanding the removal of president Saakashvili. The party has already drafted a document, which lists the reasons why, they think, Saakashvili should resign. The opposition party plans to send the document to every opposition party to find out which is the real opposition and which only play the role of the opposition.

`We are signing a multi-party demand for the resignation of the country`s main offender, criminal dictator Saakashvili. We`ll see the positions of other opposition parties. The document will make it clear which of them is the real opposition and which is only playing a role of the opposition,` Natelashvili said at the briefing held outside the president`s palace in Avlabari. (Rustavi 2)

"Trialeti" Files Suit Against Makers of "5 Days of August"

TV - Radio Company "Trialeti" is taking legal action against the famous film of Rene Harlin "5 Days of August" in which one of the scenes gives, what they believe to be, false information about TV “Trialeti.

According to this scene in question, foreign journalists tried to deliver the information in the TV Company but the building was closed. The film shows the TV’s logo and closed door with a chain.

In fact, the case was very different according to a representative of the station: ”Our door was not locked, but in our station was located a media center, where dozens of journalists (including from media outlets around the world) were broadcasting news.

During the war we all expected that the first blow would reach us, but, nevertheless, none of the employees at risk had left the building. And since the TV center was occupied, transmission got out of order and without any warning the population of the city fled including the local authorities, governor and other law enforcement agencies, only some of the employees left town then, the other employees were still in the station building. We declare that the TV station door was not closed for even a minute. If the film director wanted to shoot a locked door, he could shoot the closed door of the municipality!”

“The government does this with its own advertising film because we provide live coverage of impartial and objective information, which is unacceptable for them.”

“With such a terrible, ordered lie and defamation - as if TV “Trialeti” staff ran from the scene, - the government is trying to damage our company’s image and human dignity. This clearly shows the pressure involved in the TV Company and what difficult and dangerous situations we have to work with!

In this context, the film's director had no right to show the TV Company logo and the building. What we see is a deliberate distortion of facts which aims at discrediting the TV station. We are convinced that this was made by the order of the countries’ leading figures.”

The TV - Radio Company "Trialeti" is looking for compensation for harm done to the dignity and reputation of the business, against the film director Rene Harlin and producers Papuna Davitaia and Koba Nakopia. (Interpressnews)

Two of nine Georgians released in Greece

Two of nine Georgian nationals have been released from custody due to a lack of evidence. The identities of the detainees were also reported to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, however, the official structure has abstained from publishing the information so far.

Georgian nationals, three of which are women, were arrested on suspicion of a series of over 200 robberies. The detainees may face a 15 year-sentence if found guilty. Three others suspects wanted by local police are still at large. (Rustavi 2)