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How trustworthy do you find the secret video- audio materials released by the Interior Ministry?

Friday, June 24
“This is getting ridiculous. I absolutely do not believe them. I am not saying that the opposition guys are absolute angels, but the interior ministry is clearly exaggerating.”
Irakli, student, 24

“I think the videos are truthful. It is impossible to fabricate so many things. The Opposition has disgraced itself. This is the absolute truth.”
Nato, nanny, 50

“The videos should be checked by experts for sure. We cannot believe in everything the authorities tell us. We should be asking more questions.”
Gocha, driver, 38

"To be honest I don't believe in them, I do not take them seriously, as I think that most of them are fabricated and given to society in this way, to make them believe in what they want rather than the real picture."
Gia, Computer Programmer, 28

“I think that our Interior Ministry is acting very efficiently. They react on time and carry out all activities as they must be done for people's safety. All materials they had released reflected the real situation, which made Georgian people see the reality."
Tamar, Bank Employee, 32

“There were some materials which were trusty for me, sometimes I believe in them; however, sometimes I think that there were some fabrications, which were in the authorities’ interests.
Lana, Housewife, 36

“I don’t trust them at all! It’s just another “level” of their “police game.”
Tamta, Translator, 24

“I think everyone can produce video/audio materials like that but this does not mean the contents are false.”
Nino, IR Specialist, 28