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Monday, June 27
NDP demands extradition of fugitive ex-minister

The National Democratic Party of Georgia is calling for the extradition of Georgia`s fugitive ex-Minister of Defense Irakli Okruashvili due to his interference in anti-governmental activities, Akhali Taoba reports. MP Guram Chakhvadze raised the issue at the last session of the spring session of the parliament yesterday.

Chakhvadze said the audio and video material obtained and released by the police, which proves the involvement of Okruashvili in anti-governmental activities, exceeded the frames of only political accountability and now he should be brought to criminal responsibility in Georgia.

`Okruashvili should be brought to justice here in Georgia and for this Georgia should demand his extradition from France,` Chakhvadze said at the session of the parliament.

The Christian Democratic Movement commented on the initiative saying if the government decided to demand Okruashvili`s extradition, then they would have to submit more evidence because only tapes of telephone conversations would not be sufficient.

Representatives of the parliamentary majority said it is up to law enforcement structures to settle the issue of Irakli Okruashvili`s extradition.

Green Party says the final proposals, made by the Government to the Opposition 8, are outrage and mockery of the society

Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association holds manifestation “Don’t Torture!’

The Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association have held a manifestation “Don’t Torture!’ on the international day in support of victims of torture, 24 Hours reports.

The rally was held in Dighomi district, near temporary detention center No.2.

Participants of the rally had posters saying – ‘No to violence’, ‘Don’t be silent’.

The main aim of the event was to express protest against the torture of prisoners in temporary detention centers and conduction of unbiased investigation, Ekaterine PoPkhadze, Executive Director of the Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association, said:ss

‘Our representatives are holding rallies against torture in various cities of Georgia. We call on victims of torture to protest against inhuman treatment. We also call on law-enforcement to carry out an impartial investigation of cases of torture and inhuman treatment of prisoners’, she said.