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What do you think about the judiciary system and do you trust Georgian courts?

Monday, June 27
Im not deeply familiar with the Georgian judiciary system but what I can see with the very first glimpse makes me feel uncomfortable. I would simply wish I would never have any issues with the law
Irma, Dentist, 28

Well I think we, Georgians, need reforms in the state system at first and then we may think of improvements at any other office. I dont think our judiciary system is worth trusting especially when the head of the system is the brother of the ruling United National Movement MP
Tornike, Economist, 25

I think there have been some positive reforms in the Georgian judiciary system but lots of things still remain unsolved. People are always complaining that the cases are being discussed according to the political bias. This everything is beyond the democratization process which Saakashvili is trying to prove in his official speeches. I think everyone should realize that all the penalties and fines people face everyday would make them more nervous and dont actually erase the crimes. I would encourage the Georgian authorities to be more loyal to their people and take the problems of ordinary people closer to their hearts.
Mzia, Pensioner, 63

I do not trust the Georgian judiciary and I guess most of the population feels the same. I have not heard about any case of a judge taking a decision in favor of the accused. This fact speaks for itself.
Lali, office manager, 42

I think we should give them more time. Nothing can be done in a minute. With our soviet past, it is impossible to reform everything in a short period of time. Things are improving and we should not close our eyes to it.
Badri, economist, 38

I am skeptical about the fairness of Georgian courts but I hope that the reforms will help improve it. It wont be fair to say that all judges are biased, but most of them are, unfortunately.
Dali, doctor, 50

I do not trust in Georgian court as all the time they adopt such decisions which are in the authorities' interests. They have some demand from the authorities to take out as much money from the detainees as possible...
Zurab, Writer, 43

To be honest, I have not had any contact with Georgian courts and I cant say anything about its partiality or impartiality, however, I can say that after the rose revolution there have been positive moves in many directions and I think that the situation in this field has also been improved.
Natia, Manager, 29

The Georgian court needs serious reform, it is not only my viewpoint, it is the main demand of international organizations.
Gia, Sociologist, 32