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Tuesday, June 28
Ilia the Second – Read As Many Books as Possible

His Holiness and Beatitude Catholicos Patriarch of All Georgia, Archbishop of Mtskheta and Tbilisi, and Metropolitan of Bichvinta and Sokhumi-Abkhazeti Ilia the Second advises youth to spend less time on the internet and read more books.

The Patriarch blessed school leavers who have to pass national examinations and wished them success. He says that if anyone fails to pass exams, it is not a tragedy. He tells young people that if they didn’t have success they have to try for the second, third and, if needed, tenth time until they reach their goal.

“We must think about what we are going to give Georgia with our knowledge. Everyone wants to receive education, but from my experience, education is not only about graduating from university. Education mainly comes from reading books. The most important thing is to have academic knowledge and experience”, Ilia the Second said.

People’s Assembly Accuses Giorgi Baramidze of Lying to Foreign Press

People’s Assembly accuses Vice Premier Giorgi Baramidze of lying to Foreign Press.

As the statement of the assembly informs, Baramidze lied in an interview with Le Monde by saying that on 26 May, Burjanadze’s convoy killed two people.

“While the puppet investigation of Saakashvili’s dictatorial regime “can not prove that on 26 May two people were killed by the cars of so called Burjanadze’s convoy; While, the video footage of 25th channel shows clearly how riot police beats one of the rally participants to death, Baramidze violates presumption of innocence in interview with Le Monde and says that on 26 may, “Burjanadze’s Convoy” killed two people, though he doesn’t forget to win the hearts of the western colleagues and mentions that police used excessive force on 26 May and the concrete facts must be investigated”, the statement reads.

The People’s Assembly declares that it’s the government’s tradition to accuse others of its crimes and mistakes.

Rikoti Pass open for transport

Transport movement has resumed after a nine-day delay on Rikoti Pass - the main highway connecting the east and west regions of Georgia. The reconstruction works continue inside the Rikoti Tunnel as before the deluge, therefore, vehicles are still being diverted.

The rains, storms and landslide damaged 25 sectors of the Rikoti Pass, killing 6 people on June 18.

To avoid any fresh incidents of blocked roads, the road department continues to clean river beds and water canals and reinforce dams.
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Malaysian court to discuss Georgian national`s case

The Malaysian Supreme Court will hold a hearing on the case of a Georgian national, Darejan Kokhtashvili arrested with another Georgian national, Babutsa Gordadze on charges of drug trafficking in October 2010. A local lawyer is representing the interests of the Georgian citizen at court. The representatives of the Malaysian Legal Assistance Centre are also involved in the case assisting the defendant. They held a rally outside the court yesterday morning, objecting to the capital punishment of the woman.

Darejan Kokhtashvili remains in a women`s facility in the city of Jawa.
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Bus routes appointed in Moscow-Sokhumi direction

A new bus route linking Moscow with Abkhazia has been established by the so-called Abkhazian Republican Development Fund.. It will take the following route: Moscow - Voronej - Rostov-at-Done - Jubga - Tuapse - Sochi - Gagra - Pitsunda - Gudauta - New Athone - Sokhumi.

This month a ferry route was established between Sochi and Gagra, with a ticket price of RUB 500. The railway route connecting Moscow and Sokhumi will be restored at the beginning of July.

NGOs initiated establishing of investigative commission for May 26 events

The NGOs initiated to establish the investigative commission for investigating events happening at the dispersion of protest demonstration on May 26, the author of this initiative is Lia Mukhashavria, a defense lawyer.

She noted that the creation of the investigative commission is a demand of the public and they want it to be independent and not based in the government or parliament.

"No fair investigation is possible in this country and we have no hope that the events of May 26 will be investigated fairly. We demand to establish the Public Investigative Commission. This will not be a parliamentary commission. We have already seen the results of the work of similar commissions and they were having no results. Such commissions only served to complicate the situation further. I mean the 2008 August war commission and the commission for investigation into the death of first president - Zviad Gamsakhurda," - Lia Mukhashavria said.

She said the public has to force the government to make amendments in the legislation to enable the establishment of such public-investigative commissions.

Mukhasharia said the Commission has to be empowered with investigative competences and powers to conduct questioning of persons involved in cases for investigation. All necessary information is also to be made accessible for such a commission. She noted the commission is to be staffed with prominent public figures and lawyers.