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Tuesday, June 28
Davit Maghradze Addresses Democratic Society with Open Letter

Davit Maghradze has addressed democratic society with an open letter that was published in the newspaper Kviris Paltira.

Maghradze was speaking about democracy and the human rights situation within the country.

He says that despite the anti-Russian hysteria of the government of Georgia, it is not reflected in their activity.

“I have addressed the government to free the court, media space, political prisoners, not to disperse peaceful manifestations, if it really cared for the democratic values and if the current Russian model of the state is unacceptable to it. The reality is that today Georgia has an exact micro copy of Russia’s model, which strengthens Russia’s influence”, Maghradze notes.

Maghradze writes in the letter that he believes the U.S. will protect democracy in the world and in Georgia too. “I’m looking forward to the reaction of the democratic society”, Maghradze writes.

Number of MPs to increase

Akhali Taoba is reporting that the number of MPs will increase up to 190 in the next parliament. Currently there are 150 MPs in the Georgian parliament and the National Movement supports this initiative.

The opposition has its own initiative regarding this issue and about Majoritarian MPs which they are going to present in nearest days. National movement offers opposition election list monitoring and creating a special commission which will work on election list and opposition representatives as well as ruling party members will be involved in it.