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How affordable are school books for your family?

Tuesday, June 28
“The books have such a high price that I can hardly buy them for my three children. I’m a single mother – I work from early morning til late at night to feed and dress my children and I can’t even use the same book for all of them. It’s just unfair from the Government!”
Eka, Shop Assistant, 32

“Well, almost all members of my family are employed and thus buying school books is not difficult for us, thus they are affordable for my family, however, a lot of people around me are complaining on the issue.”
Natia, PR Manager, 28

“They are too expensive, every year I have to spend at least GEL 120 on school books for one of my children, now, another one is going to school this year and my expenses will be increased.”
Nino, Doctor, 34

“I think they are expensive and what is the worst thing is that they are changed practically every year, thus a book which was used in the previous year, cannot be kept and used by generations like before.”
Tatia, Economist, 45

“I have no school-children at home but I often hear my relatives and neighbours worrying of the high prices on school manuals. They must be really upset because as I remember it cost me around GEL 100 to get all the necessary books in my childhood while this figure seems to have doubled according to the statistics.”
Zura, Blogger, 24