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Wednesday, June 29
Jondi Baghaturia met with Diplomatic Corps

An initiative of the Georgian Troupe and the Independent Members of Parliament envisages installment of a Parliamentary Inquiry Commission, Akhali Taoba reports. The MP, Jondi Bagaturia introduced this initiative to the representatives of the Diplomatic Corps, accredited in Georgia today, at the meeting.

The topic of the meeting was the media situation in Georgia. The meeting was attended by the representatives of the EU and CoE, along with the Ambassadors of various countries. Among the guests were also representatives of civil society and free media, which had been the victims of violence and pressure.

As Jondi Bagaturia stated, the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission shall investigate all facts of pressure on free media, including the facts, which were provided in the annual report of the Public Defender. According to him, we shall attach greater attention to the cases of invasion and raid of TV Company "Imedi” on November 7, 2007, also the raid on the protest rally on May 26, 2011, when the law enforcement units abused their power.

"Our goal is to prevent crime, and for this purpose, all persons, who have committed crime, shall be fairly punished. For four years we have been waiting for an investigation in to the raid on "Imedi”, Bagaturia stated.

The Initiative Group, composed of the MPs Tamaz Diasamidze, Petre Mamradze and Karlo Kopaliani, supported installment of the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission.

Electoral Agreement Reminds Vakhtang Khmaladze of Political Corruption

After two political parties signed the proposal of the government regarding improving the electoral environment, Vakhtang Khmaladze claims he was reminded of the days of political corruption, 24 Hours report.

He says that the governmental proposals will not promote improvement in the electoral environment, adding that the issue of financing the parties is important but without settling other fundamental problems, the proposals resemble political corruption.

Mamuka Katsitadze explained the sense behind the proposals offered by the government at the discussion. He also thanked Khmaladze for calling him corrupt.