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Thursday, June 30
Alexander Rondeli: Georgia slightly lagging behind Ukraine and Moldova in EU relations

Alexander Rondeli, Director of the Georgian Fund for Strategic and International Studies (GFSIS) said during the chairmanship of Poland in EU Council the defense of Georgian interests will be strengthened. Nevertheless for Poland it will not be too easy to raise the Georgian question.

"Poland may face difficulties from its neighbor. But I hope we will move slightly forward in terms of free trade and visa regimes. The Polish understand well our problems, they are aware that its security depends upon our security as well, that is why they will do everything for our interests," - Rondeli said in a conversation with RFE RL.

Rondeli underlined that nowadays the EU is more interested with Ukraine than with Georgia. The Polish Foreign Ministry head announced his main priorities during his chairmanship, among them are the affiliation to the EU of Ukraine and Moldova.

"Nevertheless the EU continues its moral, political and general support of Georgia. Ukraine for the EU now is a very important country. And Moldova is in Europe. This is the reason for activity in the direction of these two countries. Georgia is slightly left behind in this respect. But at this stage none of them are actual candidates for EU membership, " the expert said.

"The EU tries to make RF more civilized by putting forward interests with Russian Federation. I think the EU tries to establish contacts with RF hoping to "improve" it. We will loose nothing in this respect, if Russia will act accordingly in a civilized way with its neighbors as well, "- Rondeli said. (GHN)

Vice PM visits Hungary

The Vice Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Baramidze is paying a working visit to the home of the current EU Presidency, Hungary. The Georgian official delivered a speech at the international conference; he also held a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Hungary Janos Martonyi. The sides discussed bilateral relations, political, economic and business cooperation and the peaceful solution of the Georgia-Russia conflict.

`Hungary is the EU president country; it is our great friend and supports not only our territorial integrity and sovereignty, but also our integration into NATO and the European Union and ongoing reforms. We discussed all these issues, we discussed regional security issues, enhancement of the relationship between Georgia and Hungary, attraction of investments and speeding up Georgia`s integration into NATO and the EU,` Giorgi Baramidze said after the meeting. (Rustavi 2)

Batumi to have a port meeting international standards

A new port meeting all international standards will be constructed in Batumi. Adjara government signed a corresponding memorandum with the American company Royal Caribbean yesterday. The company will study the perimeter of the port, provide an infrastructure arrangement, carry out careful management and begin negotiations with the world`s largest cruise companies to make Batumi one of the places on the Black Sea, where their liners will dock.

The plan for Batumi port's development has already been prepared, in the development of which Royal Caribbean's partner company Land Design will also be involved. (Rustavi 2)

Teenager sent to prison for 16 years for murdering pregnant girl

Telavi City Court has sent Zaza Bedoshvili to prison for sixteen years. Bedoshvili was arrested several months after the murder of his girlfriend Tsitso Chitashvili, who was pregnant and had refused to have an abortion. Bedoshvili took her outside the village of Chibaani, where they lived, strangled her and hid the body in the sawdust. The police found the corpse of the girl several months after the murder. The murder investigation was opened in December 2010 and Bedoshvili pleaded guilty. (Rustavi 2)

Czech law makers continue meetings with Georgian counterparts

The delegation of the Senate of the Czech Republic is continuing meetings with Georgian authorities. Yesterday they held a meeting with the members of the foreign relations committee of the parliament of Georgia and discussed enhancement of bilateral political and economic relations.

Chairperson of the committee, MP Akaki Minashvili said the partnership with the Czech Republic was particularly important for Georgia, because it was one of those countries, who supported Georgia`s territorial integrity openly. (Rustavi 2)

Child dies of intestinal infection

An 11 year-old child died with the symptoms of an intestinal infection at the Iashvili Children`s Clinic on Tuesday night. The doctors said the child`s health state was very grave when he was hospitalized; all the necessary treatment was provided to the patient, but the doctors failed to save him. Doctors do not rule out the possibility that the e-coli virus could have been responsible for the death. (Rustavi 2)