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Friday, July 1
Catholicos Patriarch visited rehabilitation works

The Minister of the Regional Development and infrastructure of Georgia Ramaz Nikolaishvili together with the Catholicos - Patriarch of Georgia Ilia II visited rehabilitation works of 4 km section of the road Sno - Akhaltsikhe - Juta in Kazbegi Municipality on June 29. The rehabilitation works of the road includes: repairment of the drainage channels, arrangement of artificial structures and two-layered asphalt - concrete cover. Currently ground works are going on.

Project is co-financed by the World Bank and the Government of Georgia. The Municipal Development Fund of the Ministry Regional Development and Infrastructure implements the rehabilitation works. (Prime News)

Tbilisi City Court orders detention of Okruashvili

Tbilisi City Court has ordered to detain Irakli Okruashvili, - former minister of defense who currently resides in France as a political refugee. The court has approved the motion of the Main Prosecutor's Office and ordered him for custody in absentia.

Irakli Okruashvili is charged with forming and heading illegal armed group. While discussing the case, the court took into consideration the fact that Okruashvili was charged with committing the crime deliberately and is convicted for other crimes as well.

Okruashvili is accused in illegal band formation organizing and leadership of this armed band formationunder the GCC Article 223 part I.

According to the ruling, Okruashvili committed the crime from abroad, which makes it possible that he might continue similar. (GHN)

In Greece Georgian embassy warns Georgian citizens to be cautious

In Greece the Georgian embassy warns Georgian citizens to be more cautions at evening time. Not to join the places of public disorders. Despite of public mass demonstrations and disorders in the country, Georgian citizens were not facing any troubles in this country.

In Athens the mass disorders started several days ago. As a result of yesterday's clash more than 200 people got injured. The disorders continue all day. Reason for public protest was new anticorruption plan, which Parliament passed. It will last for 5 years and takes EUR 28 bn. (GHN)

Gia Tsagareishvili reminded to Giga Bokeria his position towards increase of Parliamentarians number

Member of Free Democrats Gia Tsagareishvil said Parliament desided an increase of number of MPs, this is a breach of the Constitution. MP reminded about the 2006 President's initiated Bill where he asks the Parliament based on the referendum of November 2 of 2003 to decrease the number of MPs in Parliament from 235 to 150. At the same time Gia Tsagareishvili presented stenography of 2007 February 17 of the plenary sitting speeches by New Rights and the ruling perty. It was stated that both parties agreed to decrease the number of MPs.

"If the results of referendum were illegitimate, nobody said this at that time. President initiated the decrease of MPs number. Now I would like to ask maybe the present decisions appear illegitimate as well? "- he addressed to leaders of National Movement and New Rights.

He underlined that the decision taken under the referendum's decision might be abolished only after the other referendum's results. Otherwise this will be a breach of Constitution.

Tsagareishvili added that former MP and presently the Security Council's Secretary Giga Bokeria in 2005 said that Georgia cannot afford such luxury as to keep 235 MPs in Parliament.

Girogi Tsagareishvili, member of Free Democrats presented a documentary stenography of this declaration made in 2005 February 17. Particularly he said:

"Georgia is almost first among those EU countries' list where the biggest number of MPs are. No doubt this is a luxury. We cannot afford it, "- Bokeria said in 2005 (GHN)

FC Dynamo presents new Spanish players

Football Club Dynamo directors have introduced three new Spanish players of the team to media today. The most popular of them is Xisko Munoz from FC Valencia, who arrived in Tbilisi yesterday morning. The presentation was held at the conference hall of the National Stadium. Xisko has won Spain`s tournament and the UEFA cup with FC Valencia.

FC Dynamo managing director says it was most high-profile transfer in the region and the beginning of new transfers of foreign footballers in Georgian clubs. (Rustavi 2)