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Friday, July 1
Minashvili met the Czech Delegation in parliament

On June 29 the Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Akaki Minashvili met with the delegation of the Committee on EU Issues at the Senate of the Czech Republic. The topic of the meeting was security of Georgia and its integration to the EU, Akhali Taoba reports.

As Minashvili stated, the Senate of Czech Republic was the first, recognizing Abkhazia and South Ossetia as the territories, occupied by Russia and adopted a special resolution on October 8, 2009.

“We spoke not only about the occupied territories of Georgia, but also about integration of Georgia to the EU. During the conversation, the Czech Senators expressed their support to the above-mentioned issue,” he stated.

Alasania on Georgian-Abkhazian relations

Akhali Taoba writes that Irakli Alasania in his interview to one of the Russian news agencies talked about Abkhazian-Georgian relations and its future.

“I knew Sergey Bagapsh [the late so called president of Abkhazia] and respected him. He could play an important role in resuming Georgian-Abkhazian relations in future. Now, whoever may become Abkhazia’s leader we should try to have talks with him, despite the fact that Abkhazian elections are not legitimate according to international law. We should be realistic and take into account Russian factor,” Leader of Free Democrats, Alasania said.

“At the same time we should also think about normalising relations with Moscow. But nowadays it is impossible because President Saakashvili’s policy distances us from Moscow and Sokhumi and suspends conflict management. The current regime does not have enough resources to normalise relations with them and that is why it does everything to make people forget those problems,” Alasania said.

“Joe Biden, US ambassador to Georgia John Bass, as well as other American politicians suggest Saakashvili holds fair elections.

Antagonistic relations with Moscow will create obstacles for Tbilsi in joining EU or NATO, Alasania concluded.