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Will UN GA resolution on the right of return of all IDPs from Georgia’s breakaway regions bring any positive result?

Friday, July 1
“As far as I know this is the third or the fourth adoption of this resolution since the August war and nothing has changed so far. This gives me ground to suggest that the resolution will bring no positive results at all, well neither negative I guess.”
Goga, student, 22

“I think the issue of returning IDPs should be settled between the Georgian government and the de facto authorities. We do not need a third party’s interference in this issue. We should be able to negotiate with Abkhazian and South Ossetian people.”
Tengo, architect, 46

“Although I am not expecting any breakthrough with the adoption of this resolution, but I think still it is a very positive fact. It is a reminder for our international allies that the problem still exists and it needs an urgent solution.”
Khatuna, PR specialist, 30

“First of all, I think that it is an important decision for our country and one more sign that the very serious international organizations are supporting our country. I am hopeful and believe that this document will play a positive role in this field.”
Gega, Lawyer, 32

“A lot of documents have been adopted regarding Georgian –Russian conflict, however we can’t see any outcome. I don’t think that this document will impose such result.”
Tengiz, Historian, 54

“This document is a sign that Georgia won one more struggle against Russia and one more information war, however, reality is different, based on current situation I am less hopeful.”
Nino, Journalist, 38

“I hope this is the main point of the resolution and IDPs would successfully return to their homes. But only adoption of resolutions is not enough for ensuring the safe implementation of its directions. Those people who are living on Abkhazian territory nowadays have to be willing to accept the IDPs back to their homes.”
Nino, IR Specialist, 28

“Well each medal has two sides: on the one hand the UN resolution is a great encouragement for the IDPs affected by war but would they wish to return to their homes under the Russian Governance? On the other hand, both South Ossetia and Abkhazia are being controlled by Russian authorities so would our Government simply let Georgian IDPs go or would this new resolution lead to new war for returning the lost territories I just wonder.”
Nikoloz, Architect, 44

“I doubt that the abovementioned resolution may have some particular influence on either Russia or the occupied territories. All the steps the international society is taking in regards of Georgian-Russian conflict are just the part of their strategy: they play a double game by supporting both Georgia and Russia by attracting them with different toys. I’m just sorry for all those IDPs who become the main tools for the political games.”
Anuka, Editor, 25