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Monday, July 4
Larsi-Kazbegi checkpoint re-opened

Larsi-Kazbegi border crossing point at the Northern border of Georgia with Russia re-opened on June 2. According to the decision of the Georgian authorities, cross-border travel for representatives of any region of Russia, along with North Caucasus republics will be eased.

Representatives of the North Caucasus republics will be able to enter the country without visas, while the representatives of other regions of Russia will get the visas at the border crossing point.

Head of police department dismissed in Samegrelo Region

Head of police department was dismissed in Zeda Etseri district of Samegrelo Region in Western Georgia. The decision was made following investigation carried out by the prosecutor’s office. As reported, Lasha Erkomaia physically assaulted a citizen, who used to send text messages to his wife.

Investigation is underway. Prosecutor’s office of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region has brought a file against Lasha Erkomaia under the clause of premeditated injury.
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CNN airs story on Georgian cuisine

CNN`s Paula Newton completed reporting on Georgia. The reporter’s last story in Eye On Georgia was about the Georgian cuisine. Paula Newton showed the CNN’s multi-million audience variety of Georgian dishes and the methods of cooking them.

When working on the story, the reporter went to the market to buy different products, and later cooked traditional Georgian dishes in a local family.

Paula Newton said locals grow wonderful vegetables in Georgia. In the end of the story, the reporter drank Georgian wine and proposed a toast to Georgia.
(Rustavi 2)

Eka Beselia demands actions in connection with Malkhaz Arqania

Eka Beselia, head of the civil movement Solidarity for Prisoners of Conscience addressed Corrections and Legal Assistance Minister - Khatuna Kalmakhelidze, as well as the Public Defender, the Human Rights Committee and asked to make an immediate reaction in connection with the information disseminated about Malkhaz Arqania.

"The Gldani district No 8 prison's prisoner Malkhaz Arqania gave an evidence to Defender's Office on June 22 that was forced to eat own evidence (paper), was forced to watch facts of rape, was under the physical pressure, and was threatened with rape against him. On the second day he gave an evidence with changes and was forced (as seems) to say libel against own defense lawyer. This fact needs a special attention and action. The danger may face his defense lawyer as well for performing his professional duties. Such precedents are inadmissible and the lawyers have to make every effort to prevent facts of injustice and violence, " Beselia said.

People’s Assembly holds a silent protest rally

People’s Assembly held a silent protest rally in the vicinity of the parliament building. People’s Assembly released an ad-hoc statement regarding the rally “After 26 May events, Georgia will never be the same. After May 26 dictatorship of one person has been rooted against the Georgian people. Tragedy on Rustaveli Avenue finally unveiled Saakashvili’s regime. It was a model, punitive special operation aimed at intimidating Georgian people. The bloodshed will always be on conscience of the authority’s butlers. Georgia mourns all the people killed during this special operation. We remind the regime the crime they committed against their citizens 40 days ago and we’ll once more show the world that new bloody dictator has emerged in Europe”, the statement reads.