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Do you support starting dialogue with Russia?

Monday, July 4
"In general, I support the dialogue as weapons will not change anything, and if they did, it would be negative first of all for Georgia. However, to me, neither Russia nor Georgia guesses what the word dialogue means."
Temo, Architect, 43

"I think that dialogue with Russia will have no result, Russia will never say no to our territories. I had the chance to live in Abkhazia and I can say that it is the most beautiful part of Georgia and one of the most beautiful places in the world."
Guram, Engineer, 65

"If there is a dialogue, it would be good; at least there would be less fright that Russia invades Georgia again. However, I do not believe this country has good wishes for Georgia."
Nutsa, Manager, 27

I do support a dialogue with Russia but only on the Governmental level. I mean its up to the high ranked officials to discuss the state-important issues, not the opposition. Unfortunately its a bit late to make steps forward to reconciliation.
Salome, IR Specialist, 32

I only support dialogue between the two countries on returning the occupied territories.
Sophio, Journalist, 24

I dont really understand what Russia and Georgia should talk about? Russia will not give up control on Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Georgia wants them back. There will be no consensus. Starting a dialogue will be a waste of time and money if sides do not say that they are ready for compromises. Otherwise we should be realistic and realize that the talks will bring no results.
Khatia, teacher, 30

Theres always a reason for dialogue. Talks can lead to some peaceful solution to our problem with Russia. Our government has seen that Georgia cant reach its goal by force, so we should try to achieve it through negotiations.
Dato, sociologist, 41

I am quite fed up with these constant proposals of dialogue. I think it is a way to mislead the public and delay the solution of real problems. Everyone knows that none of the sides are ready to sit down and talk seriously.
Nestan, insurance agent, 27