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Free Georgia claim Georgian goods will return to Russian market

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, July 5
Opposition party Free Georgia and its leader, Kakha Kukava claim that Georgian products will return to the Russian market by the end of this year- a statement regarding the issue was made during a press conference of the party , on July 4.

The press conference has been dedicated to the results of the party representatives’ Russian visit. One of their meetings in Russia was held with Russia’s top medical authority, Genadi Onishchenko , " it was a very constructive meeting, Mister Onishchenko has several times mentioned the importance of Georgian -Russian relations restoration. As it has been decided during the meeting, for Georgian products re-enter the Russian market, some juridical and technical problems should be solved, Kukava said and underlined that after making some practical steps, he hoped that by the end of 2011 Georgian products and what is most important is that Georgian wine would be presented on the Russian market, "this initiative is especially important in the pre harvest period, as due to Saakashvili's anti national politics vintage is practically failed every year in Georgia." Kukava also mentioned that currently, the main obstacle for economic relations’ regulation with Russia is created by the Georgian side and made an appeal to the authorities, "as they have not done anything important in this field for Georgian people, we appeal to them, not to disturb us in this direction." It was not the only appeal made by him during the press conference, "I appeal to the analysts and employers to deliver us their views on how some technical and juridical issues might be solved for Georgian products coming back to the Russian market."

The Georgian authorities’ attitude regarding the issue and especially concerning the creation of obstacles in this field, significantly differs from Kukava's attitude. Based on them, the main obstacle in this field is Russia, which is not interested in real dialogue and solving problems with Georgia. They also have a different attitude regarding the vintage period and have frequently stated that the vintage period goes on successfully every year in Georgia and the authorities are doing their best for the farmers” welfare.

Analyst Nika Chtadze told The Messenger, those statements from Free Georgia's side can be taken as a PR stunt only and nothing more, "as, first of all, such issues are agreed on a Governments level and not between some opposition force and the Russians. The aim of such statements is only making PR and to persuade some parts of Georgian society, especially those who are actively involved in vinery, that some opposition force is fighting for their rights and gaining those citizens' votes. As for Russia, by such statements Russia is trying to make PR for Georgian anti national forces, for those which serve Russian interests," Chitadze stated and mentioned that this issue might be solved on a Governments level, "If Russia becomes a member of the World Trade Organization (and the chance of this exists) , this issue can be set in the agenda. The consultations can also start even without this factor, however in this case, meaning Russia's participation to WTO, such negotiations are the most likely."