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Tuesday, July 5
Georgia’s PM met with best schools’ principles

Prime Minister of Georgia Nika Gilauri met 20 principals of those schools of Georgia which had enjoyed the best results in the recent High School Exams and awarded each of them with GEL 2000 as a bonus to their salaries, 24 Hours reports.

Nika Gilauri evaluated the High School Exams of 2011 as very successful ones and expressed his approval of the results of the graduates.

CAT type examinations were held in 1520 schools of Georgia for the first time. The eight day examination process went smoothly with 30% of graduates achieving high results. The schools with best results have now also been revealed.

The graduates passed 8 exams in the following subjects: Georgian Language and Literature, Foreign Language, Math, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. High School Exams 2011 started on May 23 with exam in Georgian Language and Literature and finished on June 1 with exam in Mathematics. Georgian citizens of ethnic minorities were able to take exams in their native languages.

Village Kvemo Nikozi received natural gas

The village of Kvemo Nikozi of Gori district has been equipped to receive natural gas. This village is located just a few kilometers from Tskhinvali region’s administrative border, Akhali Taoba reports.

According to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Georgia, in the frames of Presidential program “Gas to Every Village”, the company “Itera –Georgia” completed the gasification of Kvemo Nikozi.

In total a 6 km length medium pressure gas pipeline was installed in the frames of the project.

The Presidential program “Gas to Every Village” implies the introduction of high and medium pressure gas network to the village which enables any household, if they so desire, to form an agreement with a distribution company and receive natural gas.

In the frames of the Presidential program “Gas to Every Village” it is planned to re-gasify 70% of the territory of Georgia.