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Where would you like to spend your summer holidays? Is there any special place for you and your family?

Tuesday, July 5
“I love to go to the mountains. As I have little kids I cannot go to a high mountainous place, that’s why we usually go to Surami. Kids can breathe some fresh air there. The only problem is that it is quite a dull place for young people to stay. “
Irina, housewife, 32

“I and my family members usually spend our holidays separately. My sister usually goes to the seaside with her friends, my parents go to the village and I head for camping. Of course at some point we go to some place together, but just for a couple of days. “
Gio, student, 21

“My dream holiday destination is Greece, however I don’t have enough money to go there. I’m planning to save some money for next year, but I am not sure I will be able to.”
Natia, shop assistant, 25

“I usually spend my summer vacations in the Kazbegi mountains with my family. Now I am a mother of a small child myself and this destination is more enchanting for me with its fresh air, lovely views and safe food.”
Nino, Administrator, 28

“We generally have lots of summer destinations because we like travelling around the country. Sometimes we go to the mountains, sometimes – to the seaside resorts. Each destination of our journey depends on weather, mood, financial sources… When I was not married I preferred spending my free summer times with my friends in Batumi but now I have a husband and a baby-girl I would prefer spending my vacations in Borjomi, or other similar places with calm and healthy surroundings and quiet atmosphere.”
Anna, Editor, 25

“I’m a sportsman and I usually travel a lot out of the country for trainings and competitions. That’s why I have only a few free weeks in summer which I use to spend with my family and friends. I don’t have a particular destination - everything depends on the company. We, boys make suggestions and simply act, without thinking a lot about the possible problems like weather, food, while girls consider all the possible obstacles before making any specific decision.”
Dato, Football player, 27

“Well, every year I and my family go to Racha. We are from this region and like being there very much. I think that it is one of the best resting places in Georgia, as there are mountains and a lake, where you can sunbathe as well. There is excellent nature and water and what is most important, is we do not have to pay for this."
Nino, Student, 23

"I don't know now, as I do not know when I have to rest. I want to go to Kobuleti, as I had rested there three times and like the beach there as the sea is cleaner than in Batumi."
Guram, Painter, 28

"Firstly, me and my family will go to Borjomi, in July and then in Batumi in August or in the first half of September, we have been doing this for years already. "
Levan, Manager, 32