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Georgian Party demand political arrests stop

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Wednesday, July 6
Interference, stalking and arrests for political views have been the top issues of opposition Georgian Party recently.

On July 4, the Georgian Party presented a document including a demand for ceasing politically motivated interference and arrests in the country. According to them, the authorities actively use this lever against those, who does not share their attitudes. 16 political and non government organization and 5 individuals have already backed the demand of the party.

On the same day, the party representatives have actively talked about permanent following and surveillance of their party and party members from the authority’s side. The police visited their office and conducted a search there on July 4. The incident was heavily criticized by the party representatives, “ in general, we are under close scrutiny, as several cars always follow us, however until now, all this was conduced secretly. Now they don't even try to hide this and openly search our office,“ the party leader, Sozar Subari stated. According to fellow party representative, Erosi Kintsmarishvili, the fact was the sign of agony of the Government, “this is the agony of the regime towards that political force, which does not enable them to sleep peacefully.”

The fact has been condemned by other opposition parties of Georgia, “Saakashvili’s special service’s attack on Georgian Party’s office can be taken as attack on all political forces in the country. We one more time appeal to Saakashvili’s western protectors and their ambassadors here to see who is their friend, “ the statement of the Labour Party reads.

Georgia’s Way claimed the fact was one more piece of evidence of the Government’s plan to assert pressure on political opponents, “this is the sign we live in a police state and such actions have become very frequent lately. We appeal to the diplomatic corps and international organizations to respond adequately to these facts.”

As for the law enforcers, they have made no response. As eyewitnesses suggest, they were searching the uncle of Irakli Okruashvili (former Defense minister of Georgia and one of the leaders of the Georgian party) Zurab Giguashvili in the office based on operative information.

According to the authorities, the greater part of the Georgian opposition parties are detached from reality. MPs Akaki Minashvili , Goka Gabashvili and some others have several times stated that no one in the country is being pursued due to their political views and the street rallies in the country and such kinds of demonstrations and activities are obvious signs of this, “the Georgian party, which is ruled by Russians, has not been and will not be supported by the Georgian people. Their plan, has already failed, “MP, Nugzar Tsiklauri mentioned. The authorities also state that if someone is detained, searched or imprisoned in the country, it means that that person committed some crime and not because he has a different attitude from the authorities.