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Wednesday, July 6
MFA Expresses Concern over Armenia Not Supporting Resolution about Georgia in UN

Georgian MFA expresses concern that Armenia didn’t support a resolution on refugees initiated by Georgia in UN, Deputy Minister Nino Kalandadze stated about it during a regularly scheduled briefing.

“We are concerned that Armenia doesn’t agree with our official position. We distinctly declared that the resolution presented by Georgia is of humanitarian character and doesn’t have political motivation”, Nino Kalandadze said.

She says that on the previous day of adopting the resolution, minister of Foreign Affairs Grigol Vashadze wrote an official letter to his Armenian counterpart asking Armenia to support the resolution.

“They have a different attitude towards conflicts and have a different vision on the issue of supporting the resolution considering their problem”, Nino Kalandadze said. She says that despite Armenia not supporting the resolution, Georgia will continue its efforts to assure its friends in the rightness of the resolution. (Interpressnews)

EUMM to be headed by Andrjey Kishkevich

EUMM will be headed by Andrjey Kishkevich. As Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nino Kalandadze said during the regularly scheduled briefing today, the EU has chosen the new head of the mission and that he is Polish. Nino Kalandadze says that he will formally head the mission with a two-month mandate, as the mission’s mandate expires on September14, though Kalandadze explained that the mission will continue activity in Georgia.

“On the basis of active cooperation with our allies, we have information that the mission will continue to function in Georgia. It is important for us to preserve the mission despite EUMM not fully carrying out its mandate in Georgia, as it has no possibilities to supervise occupied territories”, Nino Kalandadze said. EUMM was headed by Hans Jorg Haber. Poland recently took over the rotating six month Presidency of the European Union from Hungary. (Interpressnews)

Turkey has Technical Problem Regarding Border Agreement

Citizens of Georgia will be able to cross the Turkish border with ID cards after Turkey provided Georgia with information about new entry procedures.

As Georgia's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Nino Kalandadze said during the briefing yesterday, Turkey has technical problems. Turkey must end its procedures, and then officially inform Georgia about it and the agreement will enter into force.

“The agreement is signed. Preparation takes place in both states. The Georgian side solved all technical and inner departmental issues. We are expecting notice from Turkey”, Nino Kalandadze said. (Interpressnews)

Amnesty on ID forgery enforced

The amnesty on the rigging of ID data made by the citizens of Georgia has been brought into force. The persons, who have previously forged their ID documents, will be freed of criminal responsibility if they declare the document forgery at the relevant offices before December 31, 2012.

The amnesty request can also be sent via internet. (Rustavi 2)

Media Representatives to Observe Process of Correction of Tests

National Center of Unified Exams started correction of tests.

A director of the National Center of Unified Exams Maia Miminaoshvili will observe the correction process at the library of Tbilisi Medical State University.

Today media representatives will have a chance to observe the correction process.

The correction of the tests in the Georgian language and literature started on July 3.

200 correctors from 20 towns and regions of Georgia will correct the tests, they passed the special trainings as well.

Tests have been corrected with a special computer program for four years. This program gives an opportunity to the representatives of the regions to involve in the correction process without going out from their regions. (Prime-News)

President`s son establishes Guinness Record

Edward Saakashvili, the eldest son of the president of Georgia, has received a Guinness record in the presence of the representative of the Guinness Records. Edward Saakashvili overtook other contestants and succeeded in typing the alphabet on an iPad in the quickest ever time. With his right hand, Edward Saakashvili typed the English alphabet in 5.25 seconds, beating the record of a British teenager, Charley Joseph by 1.5 seconds.

The young record holder plans to go to China to learn Chinese language after this success. (Rustavi 2)