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Wednesday, July 6
New Rights and National movement has similar language

Zviad Dzidziguri conservative party leader said in his interview to Akhali Taoba that the New Rights party, which recently left the opposition coalition 8, speaks a language very similar to that of the ruling National Movement.

“New Rights and Christian Democrats became advocates of the National Movement. Those two parties had an opportunity to develop on the opposition road, however they could not manage to do so and decided to continue their activities on the authorities’ orbit. Let them do so, time will come and we will all see what they will do. Time will prove that those two parties played a similar game with authorities,” Dzidziguri said.

Teachers’ Certification Exams begin

Teachers’ Certification Exams begin today. The First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Koka Sepherteladze, Director of National Center for Teacher Professional Development Gia Mamulashvili and Head of National Examination Center Maia Miminoshvili held a briefing for the media on this issue, 24 Hours reports.

This year the National Center for Teacher Professional Development has organized trainings in professional skills and subjects for 30 000 teachers of Georgia. 24 000 teachers have been registered to take part in the Teachers’ Certification Exams.

In 2011, Teachers’ Professional Exams start on July 6 and last until July 21. Teachers have to take two exams, one in professional skills and another in one of the following subjects that they are teaching: Georgian Language and Literature, History, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, English, Russian, German, French, Civil Defense.

Along with special training, teachers also have the chance to attend special seminars to get prepared for Teachers’ Certification Exams.

Certified teachers will get 75 GEL as a bonus to their salaries. If the teachers pass exams in English language and Computer Skills their salaries will increase up to 200 GEL. The salaries of those teachers who will have the best results in certification exams and who have already passed exams in English Language and Computer Skills will be equal to gross 1000 GEL. Certified teachers will have an opportunity to work as a mentor teacher and take part in different educational programs initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.