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What should be done by the authorities and society for juvenile offender’s successful re-socialization?

Wednesday, July 6
“I think some consistent measures should be taken. It cannot be reached in one day or two. The authorities should try to provide jobs for them and the society should try to change its mindset and its approach to juvenile prisoners.”
Dato, PHD student, 27

“I think society has more responsibility in this respect. Although we Georgians say that we are the most tolerant nation in the world, we are very prejudiced towards former prisoners, or juvenile prisoners. Maybe the government can change this through some media campaign or something like this.”
Sandro, programme developer, 31

“It is not up to me to decide what should be done. I am not an expert in this issue. The problem is not only about juvenile prisoners, but for all people who are in jail or who have ever been in jail. This is a social stigma that should be somehow changed.”
Manana, unemployed, 57

“I think first of all it’s up to the Penitentiary system to define the internal standards for the correctional facilities. Juvenile convicts are facing lots of problems at the jails due to their age and sometimes their crimes don’t warrant the sentences they receive for their crimes. I mean everyone should be sentenced objectively and the duration of the detention should be adequate to their crimes. A jail should be the place where the youth are realizing their mistakes and get ready for rehabilitation after they serve their sentence. That’s why internal conditions at the correctional facilities and the staff’s professionalism have decisive importance for the young convicts.”
Kate, Lawyer, 26

“Authorities should improve the conditions of the correctional facilities by providing relevant medical or social care for the juvenile convicts, as for the public support we should do our best to treat the convicts as ordinary citizens and don’t judge them for their crimes for the second time after their release.”
Dato, Driver, 44

“I think that it is a very serious theme. A juvenile, when she/he leaves for prison faces a lot of problems, first of all problems from the society side, it becomes difficult for them to find a job, they are less respected and so on. To my mind society should be more tolerant towards them and not give them a reason to do something unacceptable again.”
Natia, Teacher, 36

“Well, I think that the government should ensure giving them education in prison and also enable them to get some practical knowledge. There are juveniles who do not have families and after they leave prison, they should do something. Herewith, church should be more involved in their life, as the church and priests give them psychological and moral assistance.”
Gaga, Engineer, 30

“Both sides have a very significant role. There should be normal leaving and some other conditions in prisons and a chance to learn something and there should not be an idea fixed in society that all who were in prison might be a bad person.
Lika, Student , 21