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Thursday, July 7
Vice PM meets Gabor Iklody

Tbilisi will host the NATO - Georgian conference dedicated to global and local security challenges for two days. The delegation of the Alliance is already in Tbilisi holding meetings with Georgian authorities.

Vice Prime Minister Giorgi Baramidze, who is at the same time the State Minister for Euro-Atlantic Integration, met with NATO Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, Mr. Gabor Iklody already. The sides discussed NATO-Georgia relations and the process of Georgia`s integration into the alliance.

They also discussed the issues of the new security concept, which will be discussed by experts at the conference.

Gabor Iklody heads the Department of the Emerging Security Challenges of the Alliance, which was formed in 2010. (Rustavi 2)

Airzena may sell its shares to Armenian Armavia

The airline company Airzena may sell its shares to the Armenian company Armavia.

Negotiations are underway between the companies, Nino Giorgobiani, a spokeswoman for the Arizena company told InterPressNews.

On the question of whether the company was going to sell its shares fully to the Armenian company, Giorgobiani replied that they were just negotiating on the deepening of cooperation at this stage.

The Armenian side said the Armavia company was offered by Georgia to purchase the Airzena air company. (Interopressnews)

Public Defender addressed to Khatuna Kalmakhelidze

Public Defender Giorgi Tughushi addressed Khatuna Kalmakhelidze, Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance to provide two detained prisoners with normal conditions. He also demanded to provide them with the medical treatment which is necessary for them at this time.

On June 16 of 2011, the Public Defender met these two prisoners - M.S. and B.A. in Kutaisi No2 prison. They were placed for a long period of time in boxes for temporary detention. In a box only one wooden bench was placed for sleeping. The health condition of these prisoners was very grave indeed.

The Public Defender described the conditions of living in such boxes of the Kutaisi No 2 Prison as inhuman treatment. (GHN)

Georgian singer accused of abusing a journalist

Russian journalist Evgenia Gusyeva has accused a popular Georgian singer in Moscow, Valeri Meladze, of assault. The incident occurred at one of the Moscow`s night clubs, where Meladze appeared together with the singer of the group Viagra, Alina Janabayeva. The journalist took their photos, irking the singer, who forced her to delete them. The correspondent refused to delete the pictures. The correspondent says her refusal irritated the singer, who pushed her over and threatened to beat her up. A video depicting the incident was released on the internet today, but no physical abuse can be seen. Instead, Meladze is seen trying to calm down Gusyeva. (Rustavi 2)

Tax Free System To Be Available For Foreigners In Georgia

A tax free shopping system will be available for foreign tourists in Georgia.

As the head of the International Department of Revenue Services Nino Gorgadze stated at a presentation of the project, TFS will allow shoppers to reclaim the VAT (Value-Added Tax) GST (Goods and Services Tax) they have paid on their shopping in Georgia.

"On the one hand trade will be facilitated, on the other –there will be significant savings for visiting Georgia foreigners. VAT in Georgia is 18%. From the returned amount a fee for service banks - 3% - will be deducted," - Gorgadze said.

Promoting the tax rebate and making it easier for tourists to claim it back will help the country to attract more travelers. The items bought must be wrapped and the tourist should submit payment receipts at the airport to reclaim their VAT. (Prime-News)

108 914 Tourists Visited Georgia During Last Six Months

According to the data of the last six months, 108 914 tourists visited Georgia.

The press speaker of the president of Georgia, Manana Manjgaladze, announced the figures at a traditional briefing on July 5.

According to her, the tourist season starts only now and it is quite clear, that this year more tourists will visit Georgia than in previous years.

As to the current data, the amount of tourists has increased to 45%. (Prime-News)