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Thursday, July 7
Number of MPs should be decreased up to 100

In his interview to Akhali Taoba, analyst Paata Zakareishvili says that he does not welcome the increasing number of MPs in Georgian parliament for the next elections. “If you ask me even 150 MPs are not necessary and I would decrease this number to 100. Who is in the parliament and what they are doing? I do not welcome increasing the number of MPs. When there was a referendum whether to decrease MPs number in the parliament I voted to decrease but this is not the main subject.” Zakareishvili said adding that he is sure that today the ruling authorities will not hold a referendum against this initiative because they do not care what people think.

Peadgogues’ certification tests begin

Teachers’ certification tests are underway. Those who decided to sit tests for the certificates, will have to pass the first examination in professional skills, 24 Hours reports. The exam in professional skills will last for five hours. Registration in 14 examination centers throughout Georgia started at 8 am yesterday and the exam itself began at 9am. The maximum number of points is 70; the minimum competency level is 43 points. 24 000 teachers are registered for the Teachers’ Certification Examinations.

Certified teachers will get 75 GEL as a bonus to their salaries. If the teachers pass exams in English language and Computer Skills their salaries will increase by 200 GEL. The salaries of those teachers who will have best results in certification exams and who have already passed exams in English Language and Computer Skills will be equal to gross 1000 GEL. Certified teachers will have the opportunity to work as a mentor teacher and take part in different educational programs initiated by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.