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Do you agree that several religious faiths should have legal status in Georgia?

Thursday, July 7
“Yes I agree. I think this it is part of our way to democratization. I don’t exactly know what privileges this new law gives to minority religious groups but I think anyway it is a nice fact. The Georgian church however, will always stay as a most important one for Georgians.”
Ia, PR specialist, 34

“I think the government has some serious disagreement with the Church. I can see only this reason behind these changes in the legislation. The authorities are clearly trying to shatter the power of the Patriarch, that’s obvious.”
Vakhtang, pensioner, 65

“If the Orthodox Church will remain the dominant force, then I don’t see a problem in giving legal status to other confessions.”
Nazi, housewife, 50

“Yes I think there is nothing wrong in registering religious faiths in Georgia. We have our faith and no one can change our religious views but let others also feel equal with the Orthodox Christians.”
Anna, Translator, 28

"The way the parliament adopted such very serious decision is really unacceptable. I think now that our authorities are ashamed of nothing and they adopt what they want in a minimal time . They have not even asked and took the Patriarch's appeal into consideration."
Gia, Engineer, 55

If they will have legal status in Georgia, we also should have the same status in their countries, only in this case, this decision might be acceptable. However I do not think other countries do the same, we have seen this very clearly while Armenian Patriarch's visit to Georgia."
Giorgi, Lawyer, 34

"It is unacceptable for me, no other religions in Georgia should be equal to our one. I am really frustrated with the resent actions of the Government regarding the issue, recently.
Natia, Teacher, 45

“I agree with the Government’s decision because everything in the world should have a legal status.”
Nodar, Economist, 23