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The remaining 6 outline plans

By Messenger Staff
Monday, July 11
The 6 opposition parties which gave up hope of conducting negotiations with the ruling power have announced their future plans. On July 8 the six announced the creation of a coalition under the name of 'free choice'. The target of this organization is to gather one million voters for the forthcoming elections to secure its victory thus and eventually create the parliamentary majority through coalition. The 6 think that a million votes will be enough to win the elections.

The 6 is the new formation of what was formerly known as the 8, as two parties from the opposition 8 Christian Democrats and New Rights agreed to the ruling power's offer, signed their agreement and left the opposition 8 last month. As one of the leaders of the opposition 6 David Usupashvili stated, the offer of the ruling party which was accepted by the two would only see the opposition serving the function of a second rate player. He also expressed his regret that those two parties could not resist the terms offered by the ruling officials. As the 6 believe, the concessions made by the ruling body means leaving one party system with a constitutional majority held by United National Movement and maybe a small number of opposition representatives without any significant power within the parliament. As for the opposition 6, if previously, as the opposition 8, it attempted to make amendments in the elections code thus improving elections environment, then today their goal is not only improving the elections environment but securing victory in the parliamentary elections or arranging coalition parliamentary majority.

For this reason the 6 plans to carry out very active and intensive propaganda work across the population so that voters can understand the essence of the situation, go to the regions, house to house, voter to voter and thus safeguard victory. Of course the opposition 6 declares once again that it takes the responsibility of using only elections to change the current administration. Therefore eventually the coalition majority in the parliament will be established; the coalition government will run the state and as the 6 declared it would finish the post Soviet neo Bolshevik epoch, establish the rule of law, multi party democracy and a realistic path to European integration.

“The elections are won by a million voters not by a million Lari. We have ambitious plans, we have to activate the population which currently is doomed to poverty,” Usupashvili said.

The six declares that it will establish a country wide movement under the name of “I remember”. Their target will be to remind the society of some events which took place recently including the cases of alleged injustice as well as promises which were unfulfilled by the current administration. This will all be done to earn the support of the population. The movement will use posters, media, handout materials and all possible legal means of publicity. It will involve the layers of the population which were under heavy pressure from the current administration. The IDPs, people who lost their jobs because of the injustice, unemployed, pensioners, youth who could not find jobs, veterans and everybody who can not only express protest but contribute to the victory of the opposition. The 6 plans to involve NGOs, independent analysts and experts to create public monitoring of the actions, decisions and moves by the ruling administration which could influence the elections process to protect the population from any intimidation by the administration before and during the elections. All of this should be done for better coordination of the moves and an immediate and efficient report of the ongoing situation to the international bodies, inside or outside of the country.

Different political issues, such as creating election blocks, receiving extra political parties in the coalition, coordination of joint activities and other details will be finalised after the movement starts functioning.

Now this is the planned move of the opposition 6. Eventually the ruling power will start to take preventative measures as the plan of the opposition 6 appears to have some potential for being effective.