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Monday, July 11
Georgian, Russian MPs debate within OSCE Parliamentary Assembly

Deputy Chairman of Georgia`s Parliament Gigi Tsereteli and Chairman of Foreign Relations Committee Akaki Minashvili held discussions with representatives of the State Duma of the Russian Federation within the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly on Friday.

At the sitting significant security documents calling Russia to respect Georgia`s territorial integrity were discussed, as well as its commitment to international obligations and not oppose to restoration of the OSCE mission in Georgia.

After the debates, despite strong resistance from the representatives of Russian Federation, a document was adopted, in which all priority issues for Georgia were stipulated. All 55 OSCE member-countries, except Russia, shared the position of the Georgian delegation.
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Nino Burjanadze: government does not wish to overcome deadlocked situation

"The Georgian government does not wish to overcome the deadlocked situation with the Russian Federation, "- Nino Burjanadze, leader of Democratic Movement said in her interview with Russian radio "Moscow's Echo".

"No doubt the Russian-Georgian relations are one of the most important relations in the Georgian politics. However, our relations at this time are deadlocked and it is very difficult to overcome. This deadlocked situation is very serious, deep and containing many serious problems," - Burjanadze said in her interview.

She noted that the Georgian government has no willingness to overcome this deadlocked situation. Now it is advantageous for them to be in poor relations with the Russian Federation.

Ramaz Nikolaishvili Met With President of State Railway Company of South Korea

The Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia Ramaz Nikolaishvili was on an official visit to South Korea.

During the visit, the Minister met with the President of the state railway company of South Korea.

South Korea is one of the leaders in the world in the sphere of railway construction. Georgia gives great attention to railway development while the Marabda-Kartsakhi railway line is under construction. Active works are ongoing in the development of a rapid rail system. That's why the Georgian side gave special significance to the meeting with the President of the state railway company of South Korea.

The sides discussed the rapid development of modern technology of rapid rail. The President of the state railway company of South Korea expressed his readiness to support Georgia in the introduction of innovative technologies in the rail infrastructure of our country. The Korean side is ready to suggest a few dozen of the Georgian engineers employed in the field of railway infrastructure theoretical and practical training in Korea.

The Korean side expressed its interest and readiness to participate in tenders in the railway industry in Georgia, and to establish innovative and modern technologies, for which Korea is world famous, in Georgia

Airzena makes first Tehran -Batumi flight

Air Company Airzena`s plane made the first Tehran-Batumi flight yesterday bringing visitors from Iran to the seaside resort of the Adjara Region. Some of the 120 tourists continued travelling onwards to Tbilisi.

From now on, Airzena will conduct flights from Tehran to Batumi once a week, every Friday.

Negotiations in direct flights between Georgia and Iran were launched last year, when the Iranian tour operators arrived in Georgia to assess the tourism potential of the country.
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Tea Factory And New Hospital Opened In Khelvachauri District Of Ajara Region

A tea factory and new hospital was opened in Khelvachauri district in Adjara region." With this new Tea Factory in Khelvachauri we go further in our aim to create new jobs, production expansion and revival of tea culture in Adjara. The company has renovated a new Hospital and plans to continue investing in this area", - noted the Chairman of Adjara Government, Levan Varshalomidze during his visit in Khelvachauri.

LTD "Naziri and Company" spent 180 000 GEL for forcing Tea Factory. It produces Black Tea and is able to process 8 tons of leaves in a day. 10 employees are working at the modern, fully equipped factory. The company plans to refine 100 tons of tea and pays 50 Tetri for a kg of leaves. The product is intended for local market. Maradidi Tea processing Factory is also owned by the above mentioned Company.

By the investment of 357 000 GEL incurred by the LTD "Naziri and Company" Hospital is completely repaired. It is equipped with contemporary equipment and divisions of Therapy, Cardiology, Rheumatology, Neurological and Allergy exist there.

There are twenty beds in the Medical Facility and 45 staff members look after the patientsí health. 175 people have already used the service in 2 months, which is 90 percent higher compared with last year.

Special brigades to fight propagation of harmful insects

The brigades of the Ministry of Agriculture are beginning to spray special anti-insect liquids in the capital and the regions of Georgia to protect plants from grasshoppers and Italian locusts, the number of which has increased significantly in the country during the past few days. The brigades will poison the territories where the insects have emerged in very large numbers.

The brigades have already begun to work in the Kakheti and Kvemo Kartli Regions and will very shortly carry out poisoning procedures in Tbilisi. Aviation will be also involved in the work. Experts say the propagation of locusts and other harmful insects every few years is a natural phenomenon and is no ground for concern amongst the population.
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