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Mnday, July 11
Georgian Church against recognition of Orthodox as state religion

The Georgian church does not agree with the idea of the Chriasian-Democratic Movement, according to which the Orthodox belief should be recognized as the state religion, 24 Hours reports.

The Patriarchate's statement claimed that ”Christian-Democratic Movement” stated that they intend to start collecting signitures to recognize the Orthodox as the state religion from September of the current year.

Deputy Minister visited Professional Education Institution in Tkibuli

Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Irine Kurdadze visited the Miners' Professional Education Institution in Tkibuli. Professional College opened in March 2011. The Deputy Minister met students and got familiarized with educational programs, 24 Hours reports.

The decision on establishing Miners' Professional Education Institution in Tkibuli was made by the President of Georgia and it was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, Governor’s Office of Imereti Region and Georgian Technical University.

Students from local community are trained in mining, mountain engineering and in other mining fields at Miners Professional Education Institution in Tkibuli. At this stage 120 students study in the Miners Professional Education Institution on different educational programs.

Experience of miners and other specialists in the mining field have been taken into account during the preparation of the curriculum of the courses. During a year about 600 students will be able to pass training in the college.

Tkibuli Miners Company cooperates with the above mentioned educational institution. They have provided the institution with technical equipment and the company also offers paid internships to the students of the Professional Education Institution. Successful students will have an opportunity to be recruited at this company.