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Do you think the law on granting legal status of religions will cause religious and ethnic confrontation in Georgia?

Monday, July 11
“I think quite dangerous processes have started. The government and the church authorities should not let a religious and ethnic conflict take place.”
Nini, unemployed, 26

“I think that the Parliament members should be held accountable for anything that might happen because of this new law. It is absolutely unacceptable for me. It means degrading our religion and giving more rights to others. This is how I see this law.”
Iamze, housewife, 50

“I was at the rally yesterday. I have not read the law but I’ve heard reports about it on TV and have heard the Patriarch’s position. So, it is unacceptable for me. I don’t want a religious or ethnic conflict in Georgia, but I think we should defend ourselves.”
Tea, student, 24

“It has been the worst decision and which made it clear that the current Georgian authorities are antinational and anti religion. I do not expect confrontation in the ethnic field as Georgians realize who are the main offenders in this respect.”
Goga, Editor, 43

“The situation is really very hard, I can’t say anything. A lot of people are discontent and insulted, which is most important. However, I can’t see aggression towards Armenians or other ethnic groups in Georgia, people are mainly irritated towards the authorities,”
Valeri, Journalist, 32

“In general, some irritation regarding Armenians existed in the country and that irritation has been mainly related to Armenian nature that everything comes from their hands. Maybe the irritation will be increased, however not by much .”
Jemal, Historian, 56

“To be honest I am not interested in these issues at all and I can’t understand why people pay it such great attention.”
Mari, Language specialist, 23

“We have always lived in peace with ethnic minorities in the country; it is Georgian nature, however very often our nature has been wrongly used by others. I think that our Patriarchate will not let such things happen.”
Nodar, Student , 21

I consider that there would be no confrontation in this field, especially from our side, as our religion teaches us love and not rivalry. It is more possible that Georgian people and the church will oppose the authorities, as they do not take Georgians and Georgian Patriarch’s opinion into consideration. I will defend our religion and church!
Aleksandre, doctor, 34