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Tuesday, July 12
Patriarch: who degrades Church will be punished

"Those who are fighting against the Church and degrade it unavoidably will be punished," - Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia, the Archbishop of Mtskheta-Tbilisi and Metropolitan bishop of Abkhazia and Pitsunda, His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II said after the divine service in the Trinity Cathedral.

"Some of us are arrogant. Some of us think that only its saying is truth. Some wish to teach others, at the same time he does not know anything himself. We should remember that our sanctuary is a Holy Orthodox Apostolic Church. Many times the Church was the subject of attack and degrading assaults. He who will degrade the Church will be punished. The Church is a holy place; it is a body of our lord Jesus Christ, "- Patriarch said.

Patriarch said the spiritual rising should start from the Church, and that The Church will save the nation.

"The Church will save us from our visible and invisible enemies and historically the Church was always defending the nation. The Church always was and is a great force, and this force is not directed against anyone, this force is for the people to be happy. That is why we should keep our Church and it should be in our mind and in our heart, "- Patriarch said.

The Patriarch underlined that if someone was guilty in blasphemy, such a person's family and name will be destroyed.

"We should pray for peace between government and nation. I ask my Lord to give us the strength and to raise our nation, "- the Patriarch said.

Eka Beselia – Gigi Ugulava, Koba Subeliani and Rusudan Kervalishvili Left Patriarchate at Dawn

The Tbilisi mayor Gigi Ugulava, MP Rusudan Kervalishvili and Minister of Refugees and Accommodation Koba Suberliani were in the Patriarchate on Sunday night.

Head of Solidarity to Illegal Prisoners Eka Beselia informed InterPressNews about the development.

“They seem to be concerned about the demonstrations of the congregation taking place in recent days. They went there when the Holy Synod’s session was held. They had a noisy discussion. The form is incomprehensible: I don’t discuss their schedules, but going to the Patriarchate at midnight is strange. As it seems, the government uses all sources to protect their interests and exert pressure to avoid the decision that will damage them”, Eka Beselia said.

She informs that the meeting of Gigi Ugulva, Rusudan Kervalishvili and Koba Subeliani in the Patriarchate ended at dawn at 5:00am. Tbilisi City Hall doesn’t confirm information about meeting between Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia and Mayor Gigi Ugulava. As InterPressNews was told by City Hall press office, they did not confirm the information spread by Eka Beselia about the aforesaid meeting.

Foreign Minister paid official visit to Jordan

A delegation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia headed by Minister Grigol Vashadze paid an official visit to Jordan. In Amman, Mr. Vashadze met with his Jordanian counterpart and discussed bilateral relations, emphasizing the need for a legislative background for intensifying cooperation in various sectors. The sides decided to sign several agreements, the projects of which are also drafted, in the future. The agreements include cooperation in trade, transport and energy sectors.

The two ministers also discussed the political situation in the Middle East and South Caucasus.
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Man charged for producing harmful meat products

The Investigation Department of the Ministry of Finance has arrested and charged individual entrepreneur Vasil Abulashvili for producing and selling meat products that were harmful to human health.

According to the investigation, Abulashvili produced `sujuki` and `basturma` by violating the required norms of hygiene and sold the harmful product in various markets of the capital.

The laboratory tests have confirmed that the product was dangerous for human health as it contained intestinal bacillus.

The falsified product has been taken out of circulation and destroyed.
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Woman sent to prison for criminal abortion

A 63 year-old woman has been sent to prison for two years and six months. Tbilisi City Court ruled on the case of Nadezhda Gabrichidze, who was arrested for carrying out a criminal abortion on a woman in the ninth month of her pregnancy.

A pregnant woman visited Gabrichidze on the ninth month of her pregnancy in March 2011, on whom she conducted an illegal abortion in the house environment, without taking any of the normal medical or hygienic precautions, which lead to the patient suffering extreme difficulties.

Gabrichidze has pleaded guilty to the offence.
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