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How will the disagreement between the Patriarchate and Georgian authorities end?

Tuesday, July 12
“It is very difficult to say anything regarding the issue now, as the situation is really complicated. I hope that the authorities and the Patriarchate will manage to agree on some issues.”
Nugzar, Painter, 43

“I am sure that the authorities will have to concede, to abolish the law or to make some amendments as Georgian society is very much insulted by this decision and the law.”
Salome, Manager, 28

“As far as I can guess now, from the online media mainly, Georgian authorities are quite frightened and they frequently visit the Patriarchate. They will not abolish the law however, they will have to change something”
Merab, Programmer, 34

“I think that it is the hardest period for the authorities now, recently they have made two very serious mistakes. One was the detention of photographers and after this was the fatal mistake made in connection with Church. They have forgotten that the Georgian Church is not the Georgian opposition, which can be easily oppressed. Currently, the Georgian Church and our Patriarch are the only body that the Georgian people believe in and our authorities really have reason to be afraid.”
Gia, Sociologist, 56

“Well, based on the current situation and from Georgian people’s position, the authorities will not be able to ignore the church’s position one more time.”
Gela, Musician, 25