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The Kremlin bribes north Caucasus elite circles

By Messenger Staff
Friday, July 15
Growing opinion among Russian political analysts suggests that the Kremlin is giving bribes to the local elite in the North Caucasus. By doing so the Kremlin is attempting to keep control over the region because these local leaders have control over the population. Moscow is happy to provide this illusion of controlling the population while the elite itself is happy as well because it has support from Moscow in exercising control in the region. However the situation in the regions has become dire as the population is oppressed and deprived of their legal rights and therefore is protesting through illegal organizations, military groups, joining extremist Islamic organizations and thus feeding terrorism. The Kremlin is following the situation closely as there is certain equilibrium and there are important events for the Russian authorities to control. There are the forthcoming parliamentary and presidential elections as well as of course the Sochi Olympic games in 2014.