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How affordable are the prices on tourism resorts for you this summer? Are you satisfied with the level of Georgian service?

Friday, July 15
“I think in Georgia there are no adequate prices on tourism destinations including, hotels, guesthouses or any other services. The prices are high but the quality is not good. It would be good if the personnel were trained and the management better organized.”
Salome, student, 20

“Prices on food have gone up so much that I really don’t have any money saved to go somewhere for a holiday. Unfortunately my family will spend a hot August in Tbilisi.”
Khvicha, driver, 42

“Well, everything is expensive in Georgia. It is better to go to the Turkish sea resorts than to go to Batumi and spend one week in a 4 star hotel. I will have a vacation soon and when I found out how much I would spend for a week in Adjara it drove me crazy! Come on, it is not Miami beach or Canary islands!.”
Nini, bank employee, 25

“We are planning to go to our village in Guria. This is our summer shelter. We don’t need to spend money on renting a flat. This is nice, because it is very hard to save money for summer holidays for a family with two students.”
Ketino, housewife, 51

“We are planning to go to the seaside in the end of August. I have no idea yet what the prices will be like, but I think it is necessary to break out for a couple of weeks from the Tbilisi summer heat.”
Davit, lawyer, 27

“I am quite satisfied with the service as well as prices in Georgia. It is very good that people with different incomes can spend a holiday in all resorts of Georgia at quite an affordable price. It is not necessary to spend your summer holidays in 5 star hotels and give GEL 100 for one drink. I choose a normal flat to rent and spend my summer holidays with my family quite well.”
Meri, doctor, 38

To be honest, prices are affordable I choose ordinary houses to rest in Kobuleti or in Batumi, as the prices when the family rent rooms are not very high. To pay for a hotel room is not available to me.”
Tamar, teacher, 31

“My income enables me to rest in summer in Georgian resorts or to go abroad, in general I am satisfied with Georgian service as it is becoming more and more similar to European standards.”
Eka, manager, 28